Accuen Partners with TubeMogul for Real-Time Buying of Video Advertising

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — TubeMogul announced a partnership with Accuen, Omnicom’s trading desk and a leader in real-time digital media acquisition, today. Accuen represents three of the top ten global advertising brands, which collectively total over $2 billion in global ad spending. This announcement is part of a broader transformation underway at Accuen as they leverage the latest technology to continue to be a leader as audiences evolve in delivering brand advertising across every device and online medium.

According to Morgan Stanley, the Internet accounts for 28% of time-spent with much of that in video, but only 13% of overall ad spending. This partnership, along with others to follow, promises to help brand advertisers get the effectiveness they are seeking and help shift spending to where the viewers increasingly are spending their time. Accuen’s insight, along with their agencies’ award-winning creative and TubeMogul’s flexibility and scale across billions of auctions for ad space per day, is sure to deliver on that promise.

“TubeMogul’s focus on branding goals, and the technology to back that with real data at scale, is impressive and will be a key part of our toolkit moving forward,” said Josh Jacobs, CEO of Accuen. “Partnering with TubeMogul will go beyond technology and tap into their deep expertise in brand analytics to drive success with our advertising clients.”

Introduced in its current form in April, PlayTime combines the branding power of video advertising with the efficiency of real-time media buying. PlayTime provides a single solution for real-time media buying, targeting, ad serving, optimization and measurement. The product is gaining rapid momentum, with this deal capping a string of recent growth and adoption by international trading desks as well as hundreds of agencies and brands.

“Accuen is helping to lead the future of digital marketing, and we are excited to partner with them to deliver better digital brand ads,” commented Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul.

Initially, the partnership will span the United States, United Kingdom and Australian markets, with potentially more to follow. PlayTime is available to Accuen’s planners and analysts in a custom interface designed to handle multiple campaigns and exclusive partnerships with top media companies through TubeMogul’s private exchanges, which let large media companies to set up private markets for select advertisers and trading desks to bid on their inventory in real-time.

About Accuen Our belief in the digital marketplace required the strategic development of a digital trading platform. The seeds that became Accuen were being planted in 2009, as a means to provide marketers with a more efficient solution to the media transaction process. Part data, part media, part technology, part strategy: Accuen answers the growing needs in today’s evolving market. Accuen is the future in digital marketing.

Holistic data management, audience modeling, and inventory procurement drive success in the emerging online display media marketplace—Accuen provides a platform to execute and deliver on these key components. As campaigns progress within our platform, learnings evolve to feed audience profiles and inform future campaigns and cross channel efforts, providing both immediate impact and ongoing success.

About TubeMogul TubeMogul is the only video marketing company built for branding. As a demand side platform for video, TubeMogul integrates real-time media buying, ad serving, targeting optimization and brand measurement into its PlayTime platform. Over half of the Fortune 500 use TubeMogul to simplify the delivery of video ads in any format, optimize the impact of their brand message and maximize the effect of every dollar they spend.


David Burch