Ad Delivery Solutions Enables Banner and Video Advertising on GlassBOX Television Websites

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Video Advertising — Ad Delivery Solutions (ADS) has completed work with GlassBOX Television (Toronto, Canada) to launch a display and video advertising platform on GlassBOX’s popular online video sites BiteTV and AUX. GlassBOX Television uses Brightcove technology to manage its online video content and Ad Delivery Solutions has a simple turn-key integration with Brightcove players.

The ADS ad serving platform allows GlassBOX Television to group similar-themed content into specific “buckets”, or thematic rotations. Also, video ads are coordinated with regular banner display advertising on the same page. This unique approach allows both video and display ads to be packaged together and targeted based on the content or programming being consumed, wherever it lives. The Bucket Bundling approach creates a complete “synergy” with the cross-selling of GlassBOX TV on-air and online properties. Since content categorization is identical on both the television and online properties, the same thematic “buckets” can now be offered to marketers, allowing a complete integration of the advertising message on multiple platforms.

“The ability to create thematic rotations based on programming category, or ‘bucket’ as we like to call it, is something new that allows a brand to target content wherever the visitor is consuming it” said Ryan Fuss, Director of Sales for GlassBOX Television. “This approach gives marketers even more niche targeting within our online television properties, and ADS has been instrumental in making our vision a reality.”

Ad Delivery Solutions accounts are built on a backbone of high performance OASIS open-source ad servers that come with user support, turn-key content delivery network (CDN) integration, and a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA). ADS also offers outsourced ad operations for publishers who want a streamlined combination of ad serving and ad trafficking.

“The straightforward GlassBOX TV video and banner ad system created by ADS, combined with full-service ad trafficking, has allowed us to focus on delivering the type of integrated, cross-platform advertising that is congruent with our core business approach…ADS has definitely delivered more than what we envisioned,” said Fuss.

About Ad Delivery Solutions Ad Delivery Solutions is a leading technology and services provider for open-source ad serving and ad operations. Specifically, the firm helps online businesses choose, use and manage ad-serving technologies. In addition, the company provides outsourced ad operations management for all ad-serving platforms. For additional information, visit

About GlassBOX Television Inc. GlassBOX Television Inc. operates cross-platform broadcast and VOD channels with a strong focus on making use of new technologies to engage audiences and deliver content across the globe in innovative ways. Our channels include AUX ( ), an emerging music channel featuring new and established acts, music news and issues relevant to the music scene today, and BITE TV (, GlassBOX Television’s short form content channel aimed at the 18-34 male with a short attention span. In 2007, BITE TV won the International Interactive Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Channel. GlassBOX Television’s mandate is to support new talent, develop great content and make the best use of new digital delivery methods to help drive audiences for GlassBOX content creators, carriers and advertising partners. For additional information, visit


Aaron D Thies
Ad Delivery Solutions