Adobe Version Cue Community Thrilled by Release of Evolphin Zoom 2.8, Digital Asset Management Software

Sunol, California (EastBayDaily) — Evolphin Software announced the immediate availability of Zoom 2.8. Incorporating direct feedback from Evolphin user community, Zoom 2.8 provides major improvement in usability, performance, tighter integration with popular creative tools, enhanced Adobe Creative Suite plug-ins for InDesign and Flash, large previews and a new MacOS X Finder plug-in. The new features make for a more intuitive user interface for artists and designers upgrading from Adobe Version Cue or those who are completely new to version control.

“We would like to thank our user community for the overwhelming response to the first version of Zoom. As a company we listen carefully to what our end-users have to say, and this upgrade is a culmination of direct feedback from our users, creative artists, designers, and flash developers. They will be extremely pleased with enhancements like smart defaults that minimize clicks in order to execute version control operations. In addition, tighter integration with tools like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Flash Professional ensure you can streamline your production workflow beyond file formats such as Photoshop and Illustrator, which Zoom already supported. Zoom 2.8 raises the bar on what makes for an artist centric version control system,” said Rahul Bhargava, founder of Evolphin Software.

“When Adobe CS5 discontinued Version Cue, we were alarmed. Versioning is priceless. Creative community has been slow to adopt modern tools that software developers have used for decades now. Coming from a web design background, I knew versioning and digital asset management are key enablers for boosting our productivity and reducing artwork mistakes. The ROI on Zoom is fantastic, it amazes me how many plugins and tools they bundle for the price they charge. Our designers can’t live without Zoom now,” said Roy Tremblant, Creative Director at Export Assure, a Chicago based technology company. “We have migrated over 250k+ assets from Adobe Version Cue CS3 to Zoom. There is less artwork duplication, and errors have gone down significantly.”

Zoom 2.8 incorporates over 500+ new features, enhancements and bug fixes to its version control product editions, including:     Large high resolution previews that go well beyond thumbnails – Zoom now ships with a preview server that can cache large previews New Adobe CS5 Extension Status Bar – Instantly know if a version needs to be checked-in Upgraded Adobe InDesign and Flash Professional Plug-in Smart server and local project folder defaults for better usability Visual Asset Browser with local project folder awareness Smart File Locking ensures no one overwrites latest artwork changes New MacOS Finder Plugin with File Coloring Evolphin Zoom has been benchmarked as one of the fastest visual asset versioning and workflow software on the planet. Zoom makes it a cinch to instantly store, version, track, secure, review, approve, search, and, preview, a continuously increasing number of digital assets & their revisions, be it images, videos, documents, source code, Flash, 3D models, Adobe, Autodesk files, etc.

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Denise Laroche
Evolphin Software, Inc