Adventure Travel Expert Greg Michaels Launches New Global Tour Company, The Best Quest

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Greg Michaels knows a thing or two about travel. He’s been to more than 60 countries and lived for extended amounts of time in China, Russia, Taiwan, Japan and Germany. He’s worked as a geophysicist in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Alaska, Canada and India. Not impressed? He also has experience working on NASA missions to Mars and Venus.

These days, Greg is putting his addiction to travel to use helping other adventure addicts explore new places around the world. His popular tour company Earth Cubed re-launched this month as The Best Quest, a new destination for adventure travelers.

Check out The Best Quest website to:     Find travel tips and unique destination highlights on The Best Quest blog.     Book off-the-beaten-path trips through Asia with Greg. Featured trips include “From Duck to Dim Sum.” This food-focused tour is a great introduction to all parts of China, using local Chinese cuisines as a vehicle to explore Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Yangshuo, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.     Connect with Greg to create a custom trip. Typically, a Best Quest trip follows an itinerary set up around a common theme, an ancient path, a trend in food, music, culture or history, a geographic or cartographic feature, or any “path” that ignites a sense of adventure. The goal: to take travelers off the beaten path to fascinating destinations.

Past travelers give Greg and his team rave reviews: “Greg’s experience and knowledge made the exotic accessible, the strange understandable, and the challenges always ‘doable.’”

Greg explains that The Best Quest is unique because "our overriding aim is to get travelers off the beaten path to experience the real people, real culture and real country in an exciting and interactive way. We use unique themes to craft our itineraries, and power the tours with our expert inside knowledge."

Get more information about upcoming trips with The Best Quest at

ABOUT THE BEST QUEST The Best Quest is an adventure travel company that specializes in planning unique, off-the-beaten path trips for the curious traveler. The Best Quest is currently planning trips to Asia in 2014, led by Asia travel expert Greg Michaels.


Greg Michaels


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