Aerospike Founder Demonstrates How to Break the Predictable Database Performance Barrier at the Surge 2012 Scalability and Performance Conference

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Big data brings big opportunities to those enterprises capable of acting quickly enough. However, peak database speeds do not predict success. Instead, businesses demand databases with reliable sub-millisecond response times and 100% uptime to turn their Web-scale data into actionable insights. Meeting this demand is no longer impossible as databases apply new architectural principles and technologies. At the Surge 2012 conference, Srini V. Srinivasan, Aerospike founder and vice president of engineering and operations, will explain how the Aerospike (formerly Citrusleaf) real-time NoSQL database and key-value store has harnessed these developments to shatter the predictable performance barrier. Surge 2012 runs September 27-28, 2012, at the Tremont Plaza Hotel in Baltimore, MD.

Architectural Approaches to Breaking the Predictable Performance Barrier

In his presentation, Srini will discuss how databases that produce lightning-fast benchmarks in the lab often fizzle when they get into full-scale production where they need to run hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (TPS), reliably and without fail. He will then examine how Aerospike has broken the predictable performance barrier with its real-time NoSQL database and key value store by applying new architectural principles and optimizing the database for technologies such as flash and SSDs. Additionally, Srini will review of customer deployments that illustrate how Aerospike’s database architecture simultaneously enables predictable performance of 300k TPS per node, sub-millisecond query responses, and 100% uptime—all while managing terabytes of data and billions of objects.

When: September 28, 9:30-10am

Where: Ionic Room, Tremont Plaza Hotel

About Srini V. Srinivasan Srini V. Srinivasan, Aerospike founder and vice president of engineering and operations brings 20-plus years of experience in designing, developing and operating Web-scale infrastructures, and he holds over a dozen patents in database, Internet, mobile, and distributed system technologies. Srini co-founded Aerospike to solve the scaling problems he experienced with Oracle databases at Yahoo! where, as senior director of engineering, he had global responsibility for the development, deployment and 24×7 operations of Yahoo!’s mobile products, in use by tens of millions of users. Srini joined Yahoo! as part of the Verdisoft acquisition, where as vice president of engineering, he oversaw the development of high-performance data synchronization products for mobile users. Srini also was chief architect of IBM’s DB2 Internet products, and he served as senior architect of digital TV products at Liberate Technologies.

About Surge 2012 Surge 2012 is the scalability and performance conference. Presented by OmniTI, the two-day event brings together some of the brightest and most established practitioners in the field of scalable Web applications. For more information, visit

About Aerospike Aerospike, Inc. offers the only real-time NoSQL database and key-value store that delivers predictable high performance for mission-critical, Web-scale applications. Aerospike’s flash-optimized, shared-nothing architecture scales linearly, consistently processing over 200k transactions per second per node with sub-millisecond latency. With automatic fail-over, replication, and cross data center synchronization, the Aerospike database reliably stores billions of objects and terabytes of data—while providing 100% uptime and a 10x improvement in TCO over other NoSQL databases. Customers accelerating their business with Aerospike include adMarketplace, eXelate, Sony’s So-net, and The Trade Desk. For more information, visit

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