After 25 Years, the Inventor of the Bowflex® Gets Back to Basics

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Albany, California (EastBayDaily) — Dosho Design, Inc., a Bay Area company specializing in creating fitness products for personal conditioning and strength-training has officially announced the Dosho Gym 5000 (DG5).

T. Dosho Shifferaw, Founder/President and CEO of Dosho Design, Inc. designed the Dosho Gym 5000. After 25 years of inventing and manufacturing fitness equipment, Shifferaw felt it was time to go back to basics. He developed the DG5 with three simple objectives in mind; helping people get into maximum shape for minimal time and money.

The ultra-sleek, red solid-steel of the DG5 makes it look as cool as it performs. The extensive list of patented bells and whistles found on the compact home gym is dizzying. The bench includes a Lift-Assist System which acts as your own personal spotter, an adjustable Depth-Limiter Bar for the most effective squat, a Leg-Extension System which converts dumbbells into leg weights and much more. The gym even includes two 45 lb adjustable dumbbells with a system to safely store the weights when not in use.

Shifferaw says, “Many people need to tighten their belts right now, so they’re canceling gym memberships and saving on gas. We kept that in mind when determining the price, a soft economy doesn’t have to equal a soft body.” The DG5 is like a compact fitness club. You can perform over 40 exercises, literally working every muscle in your body, in a 5 square foot space.

The DG5 isn’t the only product Shifferaw has introduced to the fitness market since the Bowflex. After taking Bowflex, Inc. public and selling the company and rights to The Nautilus Group, Shifferaw went on to develop and market several successful fitness products including the Kathy Smith Ab-Lifter Plus®, Torso-Toner® and the Powerboard® to name a few. Shifferaw currently holds 20 worldwide patents, 4 pending patents and a top-secret list of future fitness products up his sleeve.

The DG5 is being offered for $479.00 (plus $99 shipping) through the website. Dosho Design, Inc. began testing commercials for the DG5 in June and has had favorable results so far. Shifferaw said the company is working on their media plan based on initial testing, so plan on seeing the DG5 on your TV and computer monitor soon.

About Dosho Design, Inc. Based in Northern California, Dosho Design, Inc. was founded in 2000 by T. Dosho Shifferaw, the founder of Bowflex, Inc. and inventor of the revolutionary Bowflex®, one of the most popular and highly rated strength-training systems ever built. Dosho Design, Inc. offers fitness products for personal conditioning, strength-training, muscle-toning, stretching and aerobics for use at home and in fitness studios. Products are marketed through television commercials and infomercials, online and through select worldwide retail channels.


Jodie Harrington
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