Aging Infrastructure in America is Like Giving Cash to China

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Patrick Schwerdtfeger released another episode of “Strategic Business Insights” today by discussing the aging infrastructure in America and the effect it will have on economic development in the years ahead. Other countries like China, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates are embracing massive infrastructure projects that will attract new businesses for years into the future. In a globalized world, it’s like sending suitcases full of cash to our competitors.

Patrick recorded the video on the tip of the Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a man-made island that spans five kilometers across and can be seen from space. This enormous development project is supported by the government of Dubai (via a company named Nakheel) and demonstrates the scale of projects undertaken in other parts of the world. High-speed rail is another example of projects regularly undertaken around the world even though the United States has yet to launch even a single high-speed rail connection.

“Infrastructure lubricates the wheels of business,” explains Schwerdtfeger, “and the United States government needs to realize that its aging infrastructure will increasingly be a competitive disadvantage for American businesses and our domestic economy. Over time, that means fewer jobs for American workers less tax revenue for the government.”

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Patrick Schwerdtfeger
Patrick Schwerdtfeger