Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service Offers Tips For Back-to-School Car Maintenance

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — As a leading independent auto repair garage in the Alameda and Oakland areas, Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service is offering tips to prepare vehicles for back-to-school trips.

"Parents and college students should have their vehicles ready to go back to school so that no breakdowns occur while they are on the road," Robert Ramos of Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service said.

Before heading back to school or taking a trip, consider the following car maintenance checks:

1)    Check tires and tire pressure.

2)    Check oil to ensure that it is clean.

3)    Check air filters, lights, belts, the cooling system and wipers.

“We at Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service can do all of this for you if you bring your vehicles in,” Ramos said.

In addition, the Alameda auto repair center is currently offering a special for alignments. For the special, Alameda Auto Lab is inspecting and setting all adjustable alignment angles to proper specifications. This may include camber and toe settings, which will reduce tire wear, save fuel and improve vehicle handling.

The shop is also featuring a cooling system flush. This thorough cleaning will ensure any vehicle is running at the proper temperature and reduce the risk of overheating or freezing. The auto shop will also check the belts and the hoses, and refill the system with the proper antifreeze/coolant.

To save on fuel, Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service recommmends rotating the tires and using a clean fuel filter. A dirty fuel filter allows impurities like dirt and rust into the fuel system, causing the engine to use more fuel. Having a clean fuel filters could save up to 1.5 mpg.

For more information about any of Alameda Auto Lab’s services, call 510-863-8098, view the truck rental center on the Web at or visit 631 Buena Vista Ave. in Alameda.

About Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service

Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service is an auto repair and service center that serves the Oakland and Alameda areas. It features an environmentally safe shop, equipped with a state-of-the-art diagnostic system, lift system, R-12 and HC-134 systems. It also serves as Penske’s Alameda truck rental station.

A car service or repair includes a complete review of the vehicle’s parts, maintenance for prevention of future and costly repairs, and a full report of the vehicle. The auto repair shop offers a variety of services, including oil changes.


Robert Ramos
Alameda Auto Lab Car Repair and Service