Alameda Commercial Real Estate Company, Broadway Management Co., Supports ‘Give When You Give’ by Givegoods

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Featuring a variety of commercial real estate properties with features like conference rooms and office rooms in Alameda and Oakland, Broadway Management Co. is supporting “Give When You Give” by Givegoods, a unique rewards and giving program exclusively for Alameda.

As an Alameda-based startup, Givegoods has a very powerful idea: Get when you give. When participants give to a charity, they get the entire dollar amount back in rewards from local merchants. While it may sound too good to be true, Givegoods recently launched the program exclusively to Alameda on May 18. It currently has 29 participating local businesses and is supporting four charities.

"Everybody wins," Christopher Grant Ward, founder and CEO of Givegoods, said. "Our mission is to support the entire community and also provide a very compelling reason to give to charity."

Givegoods allows charities, businesses and communities to thrive by working together and encouraging local merchants to support charities by offering rewards. For example, when someone donates $20, Angela's Bistro will offer $20 off a $40 dinner. In turn, local charities support businesses by promoting these rewards to their members, and encouraging them to donate and spend money at these local merchants.

"As a proud Alameda company, we fully support the endeavor of Givegoods," said Edward Hirshberg of Broadway Management Co.

Individuals also have the freedom to choose which rewards they want. When they donate, they receive reward certificates worth 100 percent or more of their donation, thus ensuring that local dollars stay in local communities.

In contrast, businesses and charities aren't charged a dime to use Givegoods. Businesses have total control over the rewards they offer, and can pause and adjust their campaigns at any time. Givegoods earns revenue by receiving an 8-percent service fee on all processed donations. The other 92 percent goes directly to the designated charity.

Givegoods is a privately-held, for-profit organization located in Alameda that currently supports four local charities, including Alameda Meals on Wheels, Friends of Alameda Animal Society, Alameda Boys and Girls Club, and Rhythmix Cultural Works.

To donate and earn rewards or sign up a business, charity or community organization, view Givegoods on the Web at

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