Alameda Commercial Real Estate Specialist, Broadway Management Co. Announces the Expansion of Anaho Productions

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Alameda commercial real estate specialist, Broadway Management Co. is proud to announce the expansion of Anaho Productions, a software developer that was established in the United States in 2005, but had a long history prior to that. The company began in Vietnam in 1971 and expanded into Japan in 1989 under the supervisor of CEO Khanh Tran-Kim.

“We take a team approach to advising clients on the right investing strategies, develop an effective low cost financial plan to achieve all your IT needs: Consulting, Hardware/Software repair, Networking as well as Audio Video system configuration,” said a representative of Anaho Productions.

Anaho Productions also provides a quality graphic web design service. Khank Tran-Kim got his start in a Japanese printing factory and he has used that experience to develop several high-end designs to bring businesses to the next level.

The Montclair business area in Oakland is lacking IT services for companies and the residents have to travel long distances to satisfy their electricity appliance fix. Oakland commercial real estate expert, Broadway Management Co. is helping Anaho Productions Inc. expand in the area, with its location at 6116 La Salle Ave.

Anaho is also creating orchids in the Bay Area. Anaho is a renowned orchid firm in Vietnam and has a constant presence at Japan Grand Prix Orchid Festival and the World Orchid Conference.

For more information on Anaho Productions, visit them on the web at

For more information about the Broadway Management Co. or any of its properties, call 510-682-3481 or 510-250-3734, view the company on the web at The company is located in Alameda.

About Broadway Management Co.

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