Alameda’s Broadway Management Co. Announces Installation of Two Electric Car Chargers

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Broadway Management Co. recently created two electric car chargers in Alameda. One is located at 1516 Oak Street and the second charger is at the 1151 Harbor Bay Parkway. The electric vehicle car-charging infrastructure is conveniently located on each island in the Bay Area and Alamedans can now buy an electric car without the worry of finding a charging location.

Broadway Management Co., together with ChargePoint America, will have a ribbon cutting for REJ Electric and the new car charger at 1151 Harbor Parkway on Thursday, September 29th. Ya Sou Café will be catering the event. Edward Hirshberg, of Broadway Management Co., is proud to be a pioneer of the electric car charging infrastructure in Alameda. He encourages the community to join him and increase the use of electric vehicles.

The charging stations are managed by ChargePoint Network and provide EV drivers the ability to locate and navigate to other charging stations in the area. They also facilitate EV trip mapping, driver billing, 24/7 driver assistance, and greenhouse gas and energy savings measurement.

Broadway Management can be reached at (510) 865-8250 or by visiting their website at Their office is located at 1151 Harbor Bay Parkway 204, Alameda CA.

About Broadway Management Co.

Broadway Management Co. has been serving Alameda since 1969 and enjoys a family tradition of professionalism and progress that has helped thousands of business owners throughout the years. They are always ready and able to help business owners in selecting their new offices and finding the right location that fits the needs and expectations of all clients.

“Finding the right office space that connects San Francisco and its neighborhood can be challenging. We have the experience, the relationship, the network of providing the best interest to our customers at all time,” said Edward Hirshberg of Broadway Management Co.


Edward Hirshberg