Alameda’s Pauline’s Antiques Announces Availability of Jim Beam Bottle Collections

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Pauline’s Antiques, providing the finest antiques in Alameda, focuses on Jim Beam bottle collecting, as well as features its own Jim Beam bottle collections. The Jim Beam Company, established in 1795, has long been interested in not only the production of fine whiskey but also in the design and creation of artistic and attractive containers for the superb Beam bourbon.

“The fascinating hobby of Jim Beam decanter collecting has spread across the nation and around the world,” Michelle Kelley of Pauline’s Antiques said. “There are many whimsical figural bottles all round, and we have a large collection of them.”

As with many other items that people collect, the most rewarding and challenging part of Jim Beam bottle collecting can come during the investigating or identification of the collectable.

“There are many ways a bottle can be identified. The easiest is, of course, the label on the bottle,” Kelley said. “The next step is to determine what the bottle was made for or what it commemorates. Beam has produced so many bottles over the years that we can place them in categories or series.”

Pauline’s Antiques also features liquor store display bottles. These bottles tend to be quite tall and large. Many of them have been handblown, and can be as tall as 3 feet.

When it comes to scouring for unique antique collectables like decanter or liquor store bottles, Pauline’s Antiques is the perfect place to start. Serving Alameda clientele for more than 50 years, Pauline’s Antiques specializes in exceptional customer service and unique collections with reasonable pricing.

For more information about its Jim Beam or liquor store bottle collections, or any of Pauline’s Antiques’ products or services, call 510-523-9941, view the collector on the web at or visit 1427 Park St. in Alameda.

About Pauline’s Antiques

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Michelle Kelley