Alameda’s Skin Care Expert, Skin Deep, Offers Tips on Areas to Wax for Men and Women, Addresses Question, ‘Do Real Men Wax?’

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Skin Deep, one of Alameda and Oakland’s best spa treatment and skin care centers, would like to offer waxing tips for men because despite popular belief, men do utilize waxing services. They just don’t talk about it as much as women.

“The most common areas for waxing are unibrows, ears and nose hairs,” Deborah Spalla of Skin Deep said. “Ouch?! Here's the painful truth about that. According to my clientele, the unibrow is not so bad, the nose really doesn't hurt at all and the ears hurt. Surprised me, too.”

In addition, men come to Skin Deep to have their backs, chest, feet, shoulders, Adam's apple, legs and ears waxed.

There are many reasons for removing hair, and Skin Deep would like to take this opportunity to discuss the various reasons why men choose to wax.

1) Backs? When it comes to the back, reasons vary between professional ease and personal preferences. Many police officers will wax back hair to prevent ingrown hairs when wearing bulletproof vests. Girlfriends often don't necessarily like hair in that area and some guys don't either. Waxing the shoulders is often included in this area.

2) Chest? For hair on the chest, men simply don't like it because it’s all white and has the "blinding everyone in Hawaii" effect once they hit the beach.

3) Feet? Depending on the amount of hair, many men prefer to avoid the “Hobbit” look.

4) Adam’s apple? Men will wax the Adam's apple because of its prominent protrusion from the neck. Wax is easier than shaving this area and lasts longer.

5) Nose? Men and women alike look very bad if they have a lot of hair protruding out the bottom of the nostril. Waxing doesn’t hurt and stays away longer than clipping.

6) Legs? Men wax their legs mostly for athletic reasons, such as swimming and biking, but they sometimes do it just because they like it.

7) Eyebrows? Other than getting rid of a unibrow, some men also wax and trim eyebrows to achieve a cleaner look.

“I personally like a man's brow to stay very masculine but groomed is great,” Spalla said. “Also, I am told by my clients in the military that they are not allowed to have a unibrow so they must wax, shave or tweeze. I don't know if it’s true, but good grooming is good grooming.”

8) Ears? Although a barber can clean up hair in the ears, it will grow back quickly. Waxing ensures that hair will stay away longer; however, it does hurt.

Skin Deep offers a variety of waxing services for both men and women, and more importantly the experience necessary to deal with both questions and unwanted hair.

“Men don't talk about it, and everyone (including them) would like to know more,” Spalla said. “Since I have been in this business for a long time, I know a lot.”

For more information about any of Skin Deep’s products or services, call 510-250-3685, view the spa treatment center on the web at or visit 3211 Encinal Ave. in Alameda.

About Skin Deep Skin Deep is a skin care and spa treatment center that feels and looks like a spa. It specializes in Obagi skin care, clinical treatments, depilatory waxing, facial toning, microdermabrasion, personalized skin-care services and special occasion makeup application. Located in Alameda and serving the Oakland area, the well-established spa carries a variety of skin products, such as Dermalogica, Obagi Medical Products Inc., Latisse, Jan Marini Clinical Research, Glominerals mineral makeup, Glotherapeautic, PFB Vanish, Clarisonic and more.


Deborah Spalla