All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc., a Home Alarm Systems Company Doing Business in the Bay Area, Announces They Use Advanced Technology to Monitor Security Systems

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc. is a commercial and residential provider of Bay Area home alarm systems that was established in 1952. All-Guard firmly believes that protection of property is secondary to protecting the people who reside in the home or work in the business. They understand that their customers put their trust in All-Guard to ensure that their home or business is protected and in turn use some of the most advanced technology of the times to monitor their security systems.

One of the cutting-edge technologies that All-Guard uses to monitor their alarm systems are GSM and AES IntelliNet.

GSM, short for Global Systems for Mobile Communication, is a dual path technology that provides Bay Area home security system users with a more secure and reliable path between their burglar alarm system and All-Guard’s monitoring center in Hayward, CA. GSM uses both radio and SMS to ensure alarm signals get thru in the event of an emergency. GSM can be used as the primary communication method for alarm transmission or can be used as a back-up if your alarm is monitored via traditional phone lines or VoIP. GSM is an important back up for these systems in the event that a burglar cuts a phone line, or Internet service goes down and/or there is a power outage. In these cases, GSM is the only way to ensure All-Guard’s monitoring center received the alarm signal.

For commercial fire customers, All-Guard offers the most advanced technology to monitor fire accounts, AES IntelliNet – All-Guard’s U.L. approved, private, radio mesh network.

Traditionally fire systems require two dedicated phone lines for monitoring fire systems. AES IntelliNet saves All-Guard customers money by getting rid of the dedicated phone lines. AES IntelliNet is the most secure, fastest, and most reliable way to monitor commercial fire accounts.

“All-Guard’s UL approved, private, mesh radio network provides for faster and more reliable communication and is a valuable alternative to traditional phone lines for commercial fire monitoring,” says Erica Cooke of All-Guard Alarm Systems Inc.

GSM and AES IntelliNet are two of the most secure ways to monitor security systems today and with traditional phone lines on their way to extinction, they are the future of alarm monitoring.

For more information about All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc.’s products and services, call (855) 798-1854 or visit them online at All-Guard Alarm Systems Inc. is located at 23194 Kidder Street Hayward, CA 94545.

About All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc.

All-Guard Alarm Systems Inc. is a family owned and operated company established in 1952 in the San Francisco Bay Area. They offer a full range of security products and services and specialize in working with customers to build customized solutions to provide peace of mind through burglar alarms, home security systems, fire alarms, wireless security systems and home alarm systems. All-Guard owns and operates its own monitoring center in a secure campus facility in Hayward, providing a vital link between a client’s security system and the appropriate emergency response agency.


Erica Cooke
All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc.