AMAX’s OCP-Based One Platform Sets New Standard for Large-Scale Multi-Application Computing

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — AMAX, a global OCP solutions provider of application-tailored data center solutions, today announced the release of One Platform—an OCP-based modular data center solution designed to achieve unprecedented agility and efficiency for managing application-driven hardware resources. One Platform will be showcased at OCP Summit 2015 March 10-11th at the San Jose Convention Center.

One Platform is the newest offering from AMAX’s SMART OCP Solutions™ line. This dynamic solution was designed to take advantage of the inherent benefits of Open Compute (OCP) concepts while addressing previous power limitations. One Platform features up to 24kW per rack giving it the power capacity to support higher compute density such as required for high performance computing applications, including power requirements for GPUs. Other power setup modes include a standard 12kW capacity and a data integrity mode featuring 90-second battery backup.

One Platform is versatile, allowing administrators to run multiple applications within the same rack, or quickly scale out infrastructure resources using its streamlined building block architecture Nodes or entire racks can be easily reconfigured to repurpose resources on demand, as needed. Cloud, data center, big data analytics, storage and high performance computing can now all be run using the same basic infrastructure that is inherently designed for industry-leading power efficiency, ease of maintenance and cost-effective upgrade cycles.

“One Platform converts OCP from a promising hardware platform to a fully-integrated infrastructure solution ready for market consumption,” said Jean Shih, President, AMAX. “We’ve harnessed the efficiency and long-term benefits of OCP design concepts to produce a nimble, repurposable turnkey solution capable of supporting the major applications found in large data centers and fulfill business on-demand.” AMAX has published One Platform reference architectures for its CloudMax™, PHAT Data™ Hadoop Cluster, StorMax™ SDS Ceph and ClusterMax™ HPC which can be found here. The ClusterMax™ HPC solution also features integration of Mellanox’s ConnectX-3 Pro 56GbE Infiniband solution.

To learn more about One Platform, please stop by the AMAX booth #C4 at OCP Summit 2015, or please visit

About AMAX AMAX is a trusted leader in Data Center, HPC and OEM Solutions in North America and has been recognized for several industry awards including most recently, the 2014 Best of VMWorld and Intel Server Innovation Award for its CloudMax™ Converged Cloud Infrastructure solution. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Silicon Valley with additional locations in China and Ireland to offer global manufacturing and logistics, AMAX is a full service open-architecture manufacturer specializing in innovative server-to-rack level solutions developed for Datacenter, HPC, Cloud and Big Data applications. AMAX’s extensive menu of services includes best-in-class engineering & architectural design, ISO-certified manufacturing, customizable test automation, supply chain management, as well as global logistics, certification & technical support. As an Official OCP Solutions Provider, AMAX can build its solutions using both standard and OCP architecture. To learn more, please visit


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