Amplified Analytics launches NPS® On-Demand Monitor

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Amplified Analytics, a leader in the field of Customer Experience Opinion Mining, announced today the launch of a first-of-its kind application that measures Customer Satisfaction without the use of traditional survey methods. The application is designed to process high volumes of unstructured consumer reviews and commentary, describing the customer experience with specific products or services, and to measure their Customer Satisfaction in the standard NPS format. In addition, the system enables Voice of Customer and Customer Experience Management professionals to automatically extract specific attributes of customer experience that impact Customer Satisfaction scores.

Apart from reducing both the cost and the time it takes to process their own Voice of Customer content, Amplified Analytics clients report additional benefits of this approach: 1.    Ability to include unsolicited Voice of Customer content found in Social Media, that brings much more statistically representative results; 2.    An opportunity to generate Competitive Marketing Intelligence by producing NPS scores for competing products/services that are consistent with internal Customer Satisfaction ratings; 3.    Automated classification of the content to produce underlying reasons for Customer Satisfaction ratings, along with measurements of their relative impact on the aggregate Net Promoter Score. NPS Voice of Customer reporting is powered by Amplified Analytics’ proprietary Opinion Miner® software platform. Amplified Analytics built its reputation as a leader in Customer Experience analytics by providing Social Media Marketing Research services to marketing organizations of Consumer Electronics, Software and Hospitality companies. The Marketing Intelligence produced helps companies identify why their customers choose one product or service over another and what product enhancements increase customer adoption.

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Gregory Yankelovich