Angie Capri of Angie Capri Photography Announces the Grand Opening of Photography Studio on Saturday May 4 in Concord, CA

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — Angie Capri, entrepreneur and professional photographer, is pleased to announce the grand opening of her photography studio in Concord, CA. She is hosting the event on May 4, 2013 at 11:00 am, which will feature presentations about the new studio and upcoming community workshops. The official ribbon cutting is scheduled for 11:15 am during the opening ceremonies. Capri is expecting a big turn-out for the event, including small business owners and entrepreneurs in the local area. Expected visitors include Expected visitors include: Suzanne Bourgault from Express Yourself Websites, Stephen Roulac from Roulac Global, Rebecca Hall-Gruyter from Your Purpose Driven Purpose, Teri Hockett from What's For Work and Sahar Nafal Kordahi from The Bright Side of Life Community.

As the founder & owner of Angie Capri Photography, Capri has pursued her life’s mission of creating empowering portraits for women, and capturing the inner radiance that surrounds her. Her journey began during her psychology and criminal justice studies in college, were she learned more about people and various types of therapies. She also studied the role of environment, and it’s influence on people. Her time in the dark room however, helped Capri choose how to express her passion, for helping others and uplifting her community through art, creativity, and inspiration.

Capri began photographing exotic destinations and people during her world travels. She then discovered a love in abstract art, which led to her solo abstract art exhibition titled, “Reincarnation.” The entire exhibition captured sections of a beat-up shed Capri found in an industrial area. She was able to uncover a new perspective on beauty, inspire imagination, and share it with her community.

The evolution of her journey, leading to her current endeavors, brought Capri to specialize in empowering women’s portraits. Since then, she has become the premier women’s portrait photographer, in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she where born and raised. Capri’s empowering women’s portraiture has purposely been named “Sexy in Her Skin Portraits.” Capri creates an environment and process which allows women to re-define the term sexy for themselves, honor its new personal definition, then express it creatively and uniquely.

As a woman, she understands the impact of the societal expectations of perfection have on a women’s body image, confidence, and life experience. Her mission is to help everyone see the beauty that’s already within them. By doing just so, she is changing lives one woman at a time. For more information about Angie Capri Photography and the grand opening on May 4, please visit her website at


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