Anian Tunney Piedmont CA Real Estate Agent Broker Comments on KCM Blog’s Reasons That Now is a Good Time To Sell

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Anian Tunney Piedmont CA real estate agent broker discusses an article in the KCM Blog dated June 17 called "Selling A House: 5 Reasons You Should Do It Now"(1) which points out several reasons why it is a good time to sell a home. First, demand is high. The National Association of Realtors (NAR)(2) reported that the national median time on the market for all homes was 46 days in April, down sharply from 62 days in March. Second, supply is beginning to increase. Total inventory nationally rose 11.9% over the previous month. This represents a 5.2 month supply at the current sales pace, compared with 4.3 months in January. Additionally, the impact of institutional investors is expected to decrease as prices increase. In the Bloomberg article “Carrington Stops Buying U.S. Rentals as Blackstone Adding”(3) Bruce Rose, chief executive officer of Carrington Holding Co., LLC, a fund that has managed over 25,000 rental homes said: “We just don’t see the returns there that are adequate to incentivize us to continue to invest. There’s a lot of — bluntly — stupid money that jumped into the trade without any infrastructure, without any real capabilities and a kind of build-it-as-you-go mentality that we think is somewhat irresponsible.” Listed for sale in Piedmont is 339 Sea View, listed for $2,995,000.

According to Tunney, the third reason the KCM blog believes it is a good time to buy is that new construction is coming back. Home sellers may soon be competing with brand-new homes for sale in their areas as more builders begin new housing developments. Fourth, interest rates are rising. According to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey(4), the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage as of June 13 is 3.98 percent, while the average rate as of May 16 was 3.51 percent, and the average rate as of April 28 was 3.41 percent. A good example of the homes for sale in Piedmont is 72 Huntleigh Drive.

Tunney notes in another article from the KCM blog dated May 29 called “Housing Bubble: Is There a New One Forming?”(5) that the current housing recovery is not the result of a housing bubble, because prices are below their fundamental value in the vast majority of the country. In the related “Trulia Bubble Watch”(6) blog, Tunney notes that even with recent sharp home price increases, nationally, prices are still low relative to fundamentals and are far below bubble levels. Another good example of real estate for sale in Piedmont is 87 Sea View Avenue.

About Anian Tunney Piedmont Oakland Real Estate

Anian Tunney, agent broker with The Grubb Company, was the number one of all real estate agents in Piedmont CA in 2012 in the number of units sold and sales volume, according to East Bay Regional Data, Inc.

Additionally, Tunney is always in the top two in yearly real estate sales for The Grubb Company Piedmont CA office. She is known for her knowledge, experience and networking in the Piedmont community; qualities which are invaluable in finding that special home for her clients.

Tunney has been with the Grubb Company for over 30 years.

She is a fifth generation Piedmont resident, spending most of her life here, raising her family of four and active in community projects such as the Piedmont Beautification Foundation, and the East Bay Museum Auxiliary. Her grandmother, Amy Sutton, was a real estate agent, and now Anian works with her daughter Adrienne Krumins, making it truly a family vocation. One of her clients called her the Realtor with the velvet hammer; she negotiates with grace and clarity of purpose. She can be contacted at 510-339-0400 ext 217, and at tunney(at)grubbco(dot)com. Her website is

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(5) KCM Blog: "Housing Bubble, Is There a New One Forming?" May 29, 2013

(6) Trulia Bubble Watch Blog, May 2013


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