Anian Tunney Piedmont CA Real Estate Agent Broker Comments on Realtor Technology Use

Piedmont, California (EastBayDaily) — “Technology improves business,” says Anian Tunney – a real estate agent broker in Piedmont, California – in response to a recent article by the National Association of Realtors® about the use of technology over the past decade in the real estate business(1). In 2003, smartphones, GPS, personal websites, blogs, and social media were rare in the world of realty; now, in 2013, these things are becoming standard – and expected by people buying and selling homes.

“Perhaps the changes to the technology tools section of the National Association of Realtors® annual membership profile survey is what inspired the article,” noted Tunney. One such change includes the use of smartphones. In 2003, there were a few on the market, but most people carried a standard cellular phone and a separate organizer – digital or paper – for everything else. Now, smartphones rank only slightly behind e-mail and computers/laptops in terms of daily use by Realtors®.

In 2003, 87% of Realtors reported having a website for their firm, but only 46% had a personal site dedicated to their business. Now, 64% of Realtors report having a personal site. Tunney uses her site to provide her tech-savvy clients with information about her, her business, her resources, and to highlight her current available properties. For example, 85 Sandringham Rd, offered at $1,749,000, has a dedicated page in the section featuring homes for sale in Piedmont.

Use of social media and blogs are also on the rise with Realtors. These assist buyers and sellers conduct research on Realtors and give Realtors the ability to put their face and personality on their business. Tunney uses her blog to highlight houses for sale in Piedmont such as 150 Requa Road, offered at $7,400,000.

No matter how technology makes the real estate business easier, it cannot replace the knowledge, honesty, integrity, and communication skills buyers look for in their Realtors. As Tunney said, “Technology is a tool that assists Realtors, it cannot replace Realtors.”

About Anian Tunney, Broker Associate

Anian Tunney is an agent broker with The Grubb Company. According to statistics collected by East Bay Regional Data, Inc., she was the 2012 number one real estate agent in Piedmont, CA for the number of units sold and sales volume. Additionally, Tunney is always in the top two in yearly real estate sales for The Grubb Company’s Piedmont, office. She is known for her knowledge, experience, and network in the Piedmont community; qualities which are invaluable for finding that special home or buyers for her clients.

A fifth generation Piedmont resident, Tunney has been with the Grubb Company for over 30 years. She raised her family of four in Piedmont and is active in community projects such as the Piedmont Beautification Foundation, and the East Bay Museum Auxiliary. Her grandmother, Amy Sutton, was a real estate agent, and now Anian works with her daughter Adrienne Krumins, making Piedmont Realty truly a family vocation. Known by at least one client as “The Realtor with the Velvet Hammer,” Tunney negotiates with grace and clarity of purpose. She can be contacted at 510-339-0400 ext 217, and at tunney(at)grubbco(dot)com. Her website is

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