Announcement: Michael Swift & Associates Recently Negotiated a Short Sale Incentive for Their Seller client of $30,000

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Most short sales leave the seller with no moving expenses what so ever. Some lenders and servicers have seen the benefit of helping people with some cash incentives for the sale of their home when they are underwater and can no longer afford to keep it. This cash incentive is far less than what the lender would generally lose if they went through with a foreclosure on the home.

A cash incentive helps with a seller's relocation expenses when they may have no money at all to move otherwise. Many lenders offer incentives but in most cases if you don't ask for them you don't receive them. It's important to work with an experienced short sale specialist that knows all the different programs and advantages that can be used for the betterment of the seller.

Michael recently hired Dennis Ruisch to help people realize the highest amount of benefit from short selling their homes. Dennis was a short sale negotiator for Wells Fargo and has insider information that goes a long way with short sale negotiations. Dennis was consistently in Wells Fargo's top 5% of short sale closers. Who better to help negotiate with the bank than a past, top performing, bank short sale negotiator? For more information, please contact us!


Michael Swift


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