Announcing a New Book Targeting Women Who Feel Uncomfortable About the Care and Maintenance of Their Automobiles

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Women in particular sometimes feel lost in what is primarily a man’s world, so this little book was created to give readers the basic information, tips and resources to ensure their cars are receiving the correct care and service they need.There are many do-it-yourself books out there about auto repair, but this book is NOT about how to perform car repairs; it IS about how to be in control of the auto care experience, to know when it is necessary to bring a vehicle in for professional service or repair, and to be confident in getting the best return for the dollars invested. And it is written from a woman’s perspective in words that someone who is not an automotive technician will understand. Within the 83 pages, 7 chapters of this pocket-size book, the reader will evaluate how familiar they already are with their car and then learn what they should know, where to find the information that may be lacking, how to select an auto repair facility to trust, and then how to communicate with the service providers.

With today’s uncertain economy, many car owners are choosing to keep the vehicles they have rather than spend the money on something new, which could result in large monthly payments as well as increased registration and insurance costs. So it becomes important to make sure the car being kept will stay healthy and reliable for as long as it is part of the family. This little book is written as a guide, primarily for women, to making good decisions about the care and maintenance of one of the biggest investments most people make during their lifetime – the automobile. Its purpose is to cut through much of the confusing, conflicting and out-dated information that has negatively influenced the consumer perception of the auto repair industry, and to arm the car owner with knowledge to make better decisions and be more comfortable with the auto care experience. For more information, contact Donna McCord or visit our website at

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