Announcing Marcia Hodges Consulting, LLC, Executive Nonprofit Leadership

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Marcia Hodges is pleased to announce the opening of her consulting practice, Marcia Hodges Consulting, LLC. Her services include Interim Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Board Governance. Ms. Hodges provides nonprofit organizations critical leadership and perspective during times of transition and at moments of strategic business decisions. “These are catalyst moments that can create real change and boost an organization’s momentum. It’s important that they be handled with skill, expertise and calm, stabilizing presence,” says Hodges.

Marcia Hodges brings more than 30 years of nonprofit executive experience to her clients. “For many years now I've considered the possibility of nonprofit consulting because I am so passionate about the field. It's such a new sector in our society as compared to for-profit businesses and government. The ‘best practices’ for this sector are continuing to emerge and evolve so there is great potential to help influence positive change.” Marcia first realized this when she was working on her Masters in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco. Since then she has realized that many nonprofit executives and Board members do not know what these best practices are. “In a recent assignment, I spent considerable time with the Board and staff to help them understand how the priorities within the Strategic Plan were completely linked to fundraising opportunities and strategies. If the organization was going to apply for funding in a new direction, that was fine as long as there was a thorough understanding of the implications for that decision and how that related to the implementation of the rest of the plan. Great ideas are ‘great’ only if they are thoughtful ideas.”

“What motivates me is the ability to help create positive changes within an organization in order to better fulfill their mission, Hodges continues. “That's what is so exciting to me about filling the role as an Interim Executive. This role is different from other consulting roles because I'm not just giving advice. I'm actually in the midst of the organization helping to implement the changes, to take on some of the challenges and create stability for the next person to fill the role, in a healthier environment so they and the organization can have a better likelihood of being successful.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area needed someone who could restore staff morale, analyze the organization’s strengths and challenges, and create a short-term plan to address the most immediate issues while the board was conducting its CEO search. “Marcia stepped in as the Interim CEO, gained the trust of board and staff, and calmly managed a difficult transition,” says Tisha Frank, the former Agency Development Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Strategic Planning and Board Governance are often critical elements to creating a successful organization, and so Ms. Hodges offers those services as well. “If the Board is highly engaged in the strategic planning process, they will be highly committed to learn new ‘best practices’ and create a high standard of excellence throughout the organization. That is a very rich time in any organization’s growth and development,” she says.

Marcia Hodges serves clients west of the Mississippi for engagements lasting from one month to several years. For additional information or to contact Marcia Hodges see


Suzanne Bourgault