Announcing San Francisco’s Eco-Friendly Construction Material Company, CompoClay Was Used in Making new Durable and Green City Train Station Signs

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — On July 28, 2011, the new green Train Station signs in Alameda made with eco-friendly construction materials provided by CompoClay was unveiled at the Willow Street Station.

San Francisco’s CompoClay, the City of Alameda and the Greater Alameda Business Association unveiled train station signs made entirely of a new eco-friendly material. The unveiling took place on July 28th at the Willow Street Station, located at the corner of Willow Street and Lincoln Avenue. All seven new eco-friendly signs are sprinkled throughout the city of Alameda at the following stations: Bay, Grand, Willow, Morton, Chestnut, Versailles and High.

In the 19th century, steam trains ran the length of Alameda with stops along Lincoln and Encinal Avenues. The stations became the nucleus of small commercial areas surrounded by residential communities. Then came the red electric trains, which ran along the same routes carrying passengers until 1941.

“Although the trains no longer bring shoppers to the stations, we know the stations still play an important role in Alameda commerce,” GABA president Harry Hartman said.

The new signs, two per station, cost the city about $12,000, but the price is more than worth it. Unlike the original wooden signs that had been installed nearly two decades ago and started showing expensive-to-repair wear in only ten years, the signs made by CompoClay are extremely weather-resistant, able to withstand moisture, UV radiation, freeze-thawing, thermal shock, mold, mildew and termite growth.

CompoClay’s innovative material is eco-friendly, mainly made of minerals, water and sand. It is non-hazardous and non-combustible and has the ability to emulate anything from wood and metal to concrete and pottery without sacrificing safety and durability. “I sort of feel like we’re going back to the future,” Mayor Marie Gilmore said at the unveiling ceremony.

CompoClay wants to do their part to help the planet by offering individuals and cities an easy way to go green. It doesn’t need to be costly or have a huge impact on day-to-day life. CompoClay not only offers signs, but also home furnishings, garden décor and building materials.

CompoClay is located at 2536 Santa Clara Avenue, in Alameda. For more information, call 510.769.5179; or, visit

About CompoClay

CompoClay of San Francisco is a manufacturing and distribution company on the forefront of delivering eco-friendly construction material for green buildings as well as providing the education that drives its production and consumption in Northern California. CompoClay believes that the benefits and impact of green products should not come at a higher cost, forfeiture of quality or compromise in design. In 2007, the company achieved a mile stone when it was granted the Eco-Products Award by the Business Environment Council, recognizing its commitment for the innovation of its sustainable raw materials with high performance and a wide range of applications.


Andy Choi