Appcelerator Announces PHP Support for Building Desktop and Netbook Applications with Appcelerator Titanium

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Today at the Zend PHP Conference 2009, Appcelerator®, the leading platform for rapidly developing mobile, desktop, and web applications with web technologies, announced its support for building desktop and netbook applications with PHP. Developers can now use PHP, JavaScript, Python, or Ruby to quickly build native PC, Macintosh, or Linux applications with the web skills they use today.

As netbooks, mobile phones, and devices in-between increase in popularity, extending the reach of applications beyond the browser becomes increasingly important. Yet, learning a new language is time and cost prohibitive in most cases. Applications built for the desktop or netbook using PHP on Appcelerator Titanium(TM) provide the best of both worlds for developers: the performance, rich native experience, and offline capability of the desktop coupled with the speed and ubiquity of PHP development.

Seeing the opportunity for desktop and netbook app development, Titanium community member, Zend Certified Engineer, and software architect Ben Ramsey decided to lead the charge for integrating PHP, with Titanium. Explains Ramsey, “I’ve been following Titanium development for over a year and it’s clear that Appcelerator’s approach in leveraging open, ubiquitous tools to create rich, native applications that communicate with web services is the future of not only web development, but cross-platform development in general. I’m pleased to help open up the Titanium platform to the broader PHP community.”

“The level of excitement around this release is tremendous. We’re very thankful for Ben’s contribution to the project and we look forward to bringing application development to this large, diverse audience,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO, Appcelerator.

Appcelerator community member Ed Finkler discussed Titanium during his presentation at ZendCon last night. Appcelerator will also be demonstrating desktop development with PHP during ZendCon’s Unconference.

PHP developers can download Titanium from and begin building applications immediately. Titanium is licensed under the Apache license v2, so it’s free to use for both personal and commercial application development.

More information about Titanium is available at:     Screencast     Technical blog     CEO blog     Twitter

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