Appcelerator Attracts 3,000 New Developers to Titanium Platform Just One Month After Mobile Beta Release

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Appcelerator®, the only open source provider that enables developers to rapidly create mobile, desktop, and web applications from a single platform, today announced that – just one month after the beta release of its flagship Appcelerator Titanium™ platform – it has signed up 3,000 new developers, who are creating a variety of applications for the iPhone and Android mobile devices.

The Titanium platform enables web developers to leverage their deep knowledge of industry standard tools and technologies to easily and quickly create rich native applications that are connected to the web. Almost every Titanium-created mobile application uses web connectivity, leverages information from a customer datacenter or user base, and mixes in device-centric contextual functionality like geo-location or mobile file system access. The result is a new class of mobile applications unlike those seen in today’s app stores.

“The Titanium platform is opening the floodgates for the world’s millions of web developers to fuel the next wave of mobile app creation,” said Jeff Haynie, co-founder and CEO at Appcelerator. “Today’s app stores are heavy on gaming and entertainment apps, with these categories making up 35% of Apple’s store. Titanium-created applications are showing themselves to be quite different, with nearly 40% of applications under development either business, social networking, productivity or utility applications that exploit the web. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the depth and breadth of mobile applications web developers will bring to market.”

The top three categories in Appcelerator’s pipeline include:     Utilities – (15%): including server monitoring, home management, budgeting, and barcode scanning applications     Business – (14%): including mobile ports of existing SaaS-based enterprise apps, ERP, CRM, and onsite billing/quoting/invoicing applications     Social Networking – (10%): including social aggregation, friend finder, job/employment, and Twitter applications

In a sign of the times, developers are also building apps that help job seekers, apps for saving money while on-the-go, and apps that help realtors promote their residential and commercial property, among others.

Before Titanium, developers looking to create new applications and services for mobile devices had to learn specific programming languages and build independently for each device platform. Titanium has eliminated this hurdle, enabling cross-platform development from a single codebase at web development speed, decreasing time-to-market and development costs for web developers, while enabling their applications to look, function and perform as fully native apps with native UI components, native code compilation, and native access to the device’s storage, multimedia, input and geo-location APIs.

Once the application has been built on Titanium, it can then be tested, packaged, distributed and analyzed through the Appcelerator Network, a cloud-based suite of services for commercializing Titanium-based applications. A built-in simulator tests performance on the device in real-time; the network wraps the application with the run-time code necessary to deploy on the selected platforms; the cloud service handles provisioning, certificates and profiles, then the app is shipped off with single-click distribution..

“With more use of unlimited data plans, people are no longer shy about using the full spectrum of wireless services,” commented Michael Cote, an analyst with RedMonk. “This is driving web developers to apply the known skills in enterprise features and functionality to deliver mobile business applications, which pull together database, CRM, social media, and other data and workflow from both the public web and behind-the-firewall intranets.”

For more information about Titanium Mobile, please visit Titanium is licensed under Apache Public License v2.

More information about Titanium is available at:     Screencast     Technical blog     CEO blog     Twitter

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