Appcelerator Launches Commercial Partner Program for Digital Ad Agencies and System Integrators

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Appcelerator®, the leading platform for rapidly developing mobile, desktop, and web applications with web technologies, today announced its Partner Program for interactive ad agencies and systems integrators (SIs). This commercial offering provides the technology, training, and development support necessary to quickly and cost-effectively build iPhone, Android, netbook and desktop apps that leverage the native capabilities of these devices. Six leading interactive ad agencies, SIs and Web ISVs – including Cimex, Computer Sciences Corp (CSC), Intridea, Razorfish, TMA, and Tribal DDB – have already signed on to Appcelerator’s program.

These companies are responding to an exploding growth in demand for rich, highly engaging mobile app experiences. Yankee Group estimates the number of smartphone users in the U.S. will grow four-fold to over 160 million by 2013, with an annual stampede of seven billion application downloads. Already, two billion applications have been downloaded just from Apple’s App Store; and Gartner is predicting Android shipments will surpass those of iPhone in two years. This explosion in demand, coupled with the rise of multiple mobile platforms, presents a daunting strategic challenge for application developers: how to support a broadening array of popular devices for the upcoming decade utilizing web skills built up over the past 10 years.

“Smartphone use is skyrocketing, as are mobile app downloads, and forward-thinking ad agencies and systems integrators must be prepared to reach consumers wherever they are, on multiple platforms, with compelling apps,” said Jeff Haynie, co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator. “Appcelerator’s Titanium platform enables interactive agencies and SIs to seamlessly add a mobile application component to their product portfolio so they can readily meet the needs of their clients. Using Titanium, they can capitalize on growing mobile app market demand across multiple platforms without the need to outsource development. This ensures complete control of a client’s campaign or solution, rapid time-to-market, and a price tag that is a fraction of what it would cost to contract out development or build specific skill sets for every emerging platform.”

Zero to App: Launching a Mobile and Desktop App Business Appcelerator’s partner program equips interactive agencies, SIs and web ISVs with everything they need to add mobile or desktop capabilities to round out their product offering. This includes sales and marketing support, access to the Appcelerator Network, early access to product releases, and the support and training necessary to build an application development business on Titanium. Appcelerator can also provide intensive development assistance during a partner’s first project to ensure success in the first 30 days.

Extending Social Experiences to Mobile Campaigns In addition to its Partner Program, Appcelerator has launched native support for social APIs, including Yahoo YQL, Facebook Connect and Twitter. This is the first of many vertical solutions integrated with Titanium to facilitate easy access to popular web APIs, data and social graphs. These services are made more contextually relevant through their integration with native device capabilities such as geo-location, camera, video, storage, touch and accelerometer inputs. Appcelerator will continue to build out additional solutions, including those for analytics and advertising, over the coming months. This will further enable its partners to develop compelling application experiences that bring the best of the web together with the native capabilities of each device.

Since Titanium released its beta version, more than 12,000 developers have leveraged the platform to create applications now published on the iPhone and Android app stores. More information about Titanium is available at:     Appcelerator Partner Program     Screencast     Technical blog     CEO blog     Twitter

About Appcelerator Appcelerator enables web developers, ad agencies, ISVs, and enterprises to take advantage of the explosive growth in mobile and desktop applications without delay. The company’s flagship offering, Titanium, is the only open source platform to enable cross-platform development, from a single codebase, at web development speed. Appcelerator’s customers can leverage their exiting skills and open, industry standard technologies to create and commercialize mobile, desktop, and Web apps from a single platform, decreasing time-to-market and development costs, increasing customer adoption and revenues, and enjoying greater flexibility and control. For more information, please visit

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