Appcelerator Titanium Releases for General Availability

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Appcelerator®, the leading platform for rapidly developing native mobile, desktop, and iPad applications using web technologies, announced today the release of its flagship product, Appcelerator Titanium™ 1.0, for General Availability (“GA”). Titanium 1.0 has been redesigned to achieve performance on par with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android SDKs, and is the first cross-platform solution to achieve this milestone. Appcelerator also introduced a new commercial offering for premium support, training, and analytics, available for purchase beginning today.

Develop at Web Speed, Run at Native Speed Many developers, in particular web development firms, systems integrators and interactive agencies, are turning to Appcelerator to deliver a cross-platform application development solution that gives them a native advantage. These developers require performance on par with Apple and Google’s SDK, native user experience capabilities, and native access to the underlying device capabilities (eg: camera, video streaming, maps) on each platform.

“The proliferation of ‘smart’ devices with multiple operating systems is causing serious platform fragmentation and, as a result, every company needs to reassess their development strategy today,” advises Scott Ellison, Vice-President Mobile, IDC. “Appcelerator improves upon the ‘write once, deploy anywhere’ approach by enabling cross-platform development of applications that leverage the native performance and capabilities of each unique device from a cost effective, web technology-driven code base.”

Appcelerator spent three months – and more than tripled its code base – to upgrade Titanium’s mobile processing engine. The resulting performance improvements put significant distance between Titanium and competing solutions. Load times are now under 3 seconds, down from 10-20 seconds, transitions between pages are instantaneous, and processing speed has improved five-fold. Moreover, user experience capabilities have dramatically increased to now include over 100 native UI controls, native 2D/3D animation capabilities, and sophisticated data and media presentation capabilities. Branded applications, casual games, and even augmented reality applications are now possible. For more on Appcelerator’s native advantage, see:

Notably, the code – and time – required to develop a typical application is a fraction of what it takes to build a native app. Streaming an audio clip, for example, can take between 50-500 lines of Objective-C (iPhone) or Java (Android) code. In Titanium, the developer simply writes one line in Javascript that points to a URL location to have the clip start streaming. Most Titanium developers today save more than 80% of the time and cost it would take to build an application in Objective-C or Java.

“After being in market 6 months, we realized that the user experience needs to be at parity with native development platforms. Anything less is a non-starter. We are pleased to be the first and only cross-platform solution to run on par with native applications, but with the development speed that comes from using web technologies,” noted Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator.

Appcelerator Announces Commercial Offering To support its growing ecosystem of more than 27,000 professional developers, Appcelerator also introduced two offerings to serve individual and large developer organizations. The following products, now available from, feature in-application analytics, premium support from Appcelerator’s experts, and professional training to get developers up to speed quickly: Titanium Community: available for free, Titanium Community will enable new developers to learn how to build native applications.

Titanium Professional: available for $199 per developer per month, Titanium Professional offers developers premium SLA-driven support, analytics for the past 6 months, and membership in Appcelerator’s Beta Preview program for future releases such as iPad and Blackberry.

Appcelerator Analytics Appcelerator analytics gives developers deep insights into how their apps are performing, what features are being used the most, and where there are opportunities for improvement. Analytics are integrated into the Titanium platform, so tracking users and sessions, for example, is enabled out-of-the-box. This avoids the time and cost of manually integrating analytics after the fact, as is the case in any other analytics offering. Analytics also offers custom event tracking, which is specific to each application. A location-based application, for instance, can record GPS lookups to know where their user base is, while a social networking application can track the number of posts to a Facebook wall or number of videos watched.

Premium Support As part of Titanium Professional, subscribers benefit from SLA-driven support, rapid updates, bug fixes and hot patches to resolve issues quickly. Appcelerator’s support team is tightly integrated with engineering to ensure that common issues are fed back into product development efficiently.

Developer Center Launches Appcelerator also launched Developer Center ( today, which features new documentation, getting started guides, and code examples. Developer Center features a new training course curriculum for Titanium developers as part of its previously announced “Appcelerator University” program.

“Over the past year, we’ve listened to feedback from over 27,000 developers who are building a business on Titanium. Today’s GA announcement is a comprehensive rollout of services, training, and support products that are packaged into three offerings designed to meet the needs of all our developers,” commented, Nolan Wright, CTO of Appcelerator.

About Appcelerator Appcelerator enables web development firms, systems integrators and interactive agencies to take advantage of the explosive growth in mobile, desktop, and tablet applications. The company’s flagship offering, Titanium, is the only open source platform to enable cross-platform development, from a single codebase, at web development speed for these three platforms. Appcelerator’s customers can decrease time-to-market and development costs to create native mobile applications using their existing web development skills. For more information, please visit or

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