ArchiCAD Basic Training Online Course Added to LearnVirtual BIM Technology Library

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — LearnVirtual’s popular ArchiCAD Basic Training is added as an online course. Appropriate for new and current users of ArchiCAD, this eight-hour online training program covers the basic concepts of BIM and how to model a virtual building in ArchiCAD. A down-loadable practice model is included with the class. The $99 course can be purchased from

“Our online ArchiCAD Basic Training course evolved from a popular local course,” said instructor Thomas M. Simmons. “We modified the modules to make them online-friendly and have included a practice model as well as videos for students to use while taking the course.”

The ArchiCAD Basic Training Online Curriculum is broken down into four modules:     Starting a Design: This section demonstrates how to use ArchiCAD in the early stages of a design and progresses through project setup including stories, layers and model views.     Developing a BIM Model: This module instructs on the use of ArchiCAD’s modeling tools used to create the building shell including foundation, floors, walls, roof, ceilings, curtain walls, windows and doors.     Continuing a BIM Model: This section focuses on the creation of stairs, complex walls, and interiors, modifying floors, and adding railings into a design.     Documenting a Project Using Views: This module explores how to create sections, elevations, callouts and model views, as well as the creation and modification of drawing sheets.

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Tracie Simmons

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