Army Colonel Dr. James Patel Joins the Medical Marijuana Industry

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — is enthralled to announce the addition of its newest California physician, James Patel M.D. of Livermore, California. As always, prides itself on affiliating with only the best and most qualified physicians, and in accordance with that, we are excited to introduce the public and our patients to Dr. Patel’s practice.

Initially finding his calling for healing and interest in medicine at a young age, Dr. Patel was shaped by his mother’s severe arthritis to finally become a physician. The numerous doctors and practicing midwives in Dr. Patel’s family further encouraged his ultimate foray into the world of internal medicine. Dr. Patel’s excellence comes not only from his years of experience but from his passion in medicine; he is truly empathetic and believes in healing the cause, not simply masking the symptoms.

After graduating in 1963 from Seth G.S. Medical School, the top medical school in Mumbai, India, Dr. Patel completed a 1-year residency in 1964 at The Youngstown Ohio Hospital Association in Youngstown, Ohio. Eventually becoming an Internist, Dr. Patel has amassed 50 years of experience. Dr. Patel joined the United States Army where he specialized in Cardiology, helping to keep our nation’s service men and women healthy. Quickly gaining respect within the armed forces, Dr. Patel eventually rose to the rank of Chief of Cardiology at Fort Knox Army Base where he was ultimately honorably discharged following his invaluable service. Thankfully, family is the most important thing to Dr. Patel and he turned down a very prestigious position in a European Army base so that he could spend time with them through their high school years. This sacrifice has paid off in droves as Dr. Patel is proud to announce that his three sons are all Medical Doctors, and his lovely daughters are both Masters of Psychology.

Dr. Patel’s foray into the world of medical marijuana began after a close patient began suffering from extremely painful migraines, the cause of which could not be determined. After trying and experimenting with various prescription and narcotic pain killers, all of which proved ineffective, Dr. Patel’s patient finally decided to explore medical cannabis. Quickly after beginning the use of medical marijuana, this patient's migraines had been reduced and her ability to function normally returned.

While not currently involved with any medical studies regarding medical cannabis, Dr. Patel is extremely interested in working with qualifying and debilitated individuals in any future research opportunities that may present themselves. Because of his experience in the armed forces, Dr. Patel is excited at the possibility of working with veterans who may require medical marijuana to treat certain conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in situations where traditional therapies have proved inadequate or ineffective.

In addition to evaluating patients for qualification into California’s medical marijuana program, Dr. James Patel also offers a free clinic once a month for low income individuals who have no insurance and otherwise need medical care. Because Dr. James Patel is also a Doctor of Law (JD) and received his law degree in 1998 from the Oakland College of Law, he is also qualified and has a strong history representing patients in instances of physician or hospital negligence or malpractice. Having taught Raj Yoga for over 20 years, Dr. Patel firmly believes that all healing must begin and come from the mind. It is for this reason he additionally focuses on the emotional and spiritual health of his patients in addition to their physical well-being. Dr. Patel offers a host of services including alcohol and nicotine addiction treatment, malpractice representation, customized exercise and diet plans, weight loss clinics, and special obesity counseling for new patients.

Dr. Patel’s experience of over 45 years allows him to offer an expertise and quality of care not commonly found in the medical marijuana community. His service record makes him one of the most dedicated and highly respected physicians has ever had the pleasure of working with. Dr. Patel’s involvement in the legal and medical sides of medicine makes him an invaluable resource to patients seeking anything from a medical cannabis recommendation to a serious second opinion or testifying medical professional.

For more information, we ask that you visit Dr. James Patel’s profile page below:

For information regarding Dr. Patel’s expertise in medical malpractice testimony, please visit his website below: Telephone: (925)325-3900 Email: jamespatel108(at)gmail(dot)com 1010 Murrieta Blvd Livermore, CA 3801 Silver Oaks Way Livermore, CA

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