Art 4 Change San Francisco Song Writers Recently Produced the Abstract Drama “Dam/aged”

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — “Dam/aged” was an abstract drama with musical components featuring multiple intertwining stories. The play, produced and directed by Bronche Taylor of Art 4 Change, touched on a variety of issues that affect urban communities across America like HIV/AIDS, suicide, eating disorders, domestic violence and gang violence. Some described the play as “Tyler Perry meets Rent.”

“We wanted to produce art that inspires and shows the youth that there is a way to change our city,” said Taylor. “Our play creatively addressed some of the most prevalent issues facing the youth in Oakland, and we wanted to give the youth a way to express themselves, as well as keep them busy and away from drugs and crime.”

Art 4 Change is a nonprofit musical theater organization in Oakland that promotes literacy, artistic development and San Francisco area community outreach through creative and performing arts. As the only “edutainment” organization in the Bay Area, they offer artistic development to both youth and adults through live theater and workshops helping writers, actors and songwriters alike pursue their craft in a supportive and progressive environment.

The group is also the only nonprofit arts organization that produces ethically written productions that reflect real life in today’s society. The adult and children’s plays feature local talent, providing a constructive space to learn from experienced artists, actors and songwriters to reach their full potential.

For more information about Art 4 Change, call 209-808-3155 or visit them at 6121 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94600.

About Art 4 Change Art 4 Change San Francisco is a non-profit organization in Oakland that promotes literacy, artistic development, cultivating song writers and doing community outreach through the creative and performing arts. Art 4 Change also feature kid’s plays and acting classes.


Bronche Taylor