As ‘Back to School’ Approaches, merge2gether Announces the Introduction of a Tip Sheet and Check List for Your College Freshman

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Ready, Set, Pack! Keep it simple. Forget searching through pages and pages of college web sites, taking bits and pieces of information from older siblings and friends or making a best guess at what to pack for college. has done all the work to make it simple and easy. Read on for a basic “must-have” checklist that is broken down into four simple categories. For more details and other helpful information about making the freshman year college move, see

#1 Creature Comforts Start with the things that make a place home, from linens to decorative items. Talking with a future dorm-mate is easier than ever. Discuss now what is wanted and needed for the dorm room, including fridge, electronics, rug, lamps, vacuum or any extra furniture, and decide who will provide each item. A linen-buying tip: most dorm room beds are extra long twin.

The good news is that 90 percent of what you need for college dorm life is available at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. Many allows students and parents to buy locally and conveniently pick everything up at a store near school.

#2 Climate Appropriate Clothing Clothing needs may change dramatically if the college is in a different climate from one's hometown. If not accustomed to the weather in New England and Mid-Western states, the winters can be a lot colder than imagined, so be prepared. Plan appropriately and be ready for the first day that the thermometer drops to freezing. Shop online at sites like to get the best deals and the best return policies.

#3 School Supplies and Computer Hardware Pack up all the things needed to keep your college career moving forward. There will be a need to replenish throughout the year, but bulk up to get off to a good start. If taking a laptop or bike to school, invest in a good locking system. A tip for school textbooks: save money and trees by renting versus buying.

#4 Health, Hygiene and Toiletries Buy all the stuff you will need to stay well, get well and look good now. Remember to have some kind of waterproof, easy-to-clean container to store and carry essentials to and from the bathroom. Organize prescription medications so that they are refillable at a pharmacy near school.

Keep It Simple Once the above items have been acguired, organize them all into low-profile plastic boxes that will store easily under a bed. Keeping a small space tidy is a challenge, so find ways to maximize storage space.

Remember that most airlines charge for each bag you check. Research other shipping options for getting clothing and supplies to the desired destination or make the trip to college a family vacation – load up the mini van and go.

For more an even more detailed packing checklist and other ideas to help make the move to college easy, check out

About ( merge2gether was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Oakland, California. is an online community offering resources to guide people as they think and talk through the process of moving in with another person. The company provides free information, questions-and-answers and ideas to people of all ages and at all stages of life.


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