As Bath Salt Drug Controversy Continues San Francisco Bath Salt Company Announces Big Leap in Q1 Online Sales

Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — They say any kind of news, good or bad, can be good publicity. Well it seems to be working out well for the San Francisco Bath Salt Company, whose slogan is “Relaxing the World one bath at a time”. Since the web and news media started to become overrun by news about bath salt drugs, San Francisco Bath Salt Company’s web sales have grown by over 40 percent.

The significant increase in sales is not from people looking for bath salt drugs but from 100% legitimate customers looking for a trusted brand to purchase their quality bath salts from. With all the negative news about bath salt drugs out there, more and more people seem to be turning to the San Francisco Bath Salt Company as their preferred supplier of the real bath salts.

“It seems that with all the news about ‘bath salt drugs’ many customers are opting to play it safe by coming directly to an established company specializing in only legitimate, high quality bath salts,” said Lee Williamson, founder of the San Francisco Bath Salt Company. “All of our bath salt products are manufactured directly by us, here in California, so we maintain100% quality control. We have tens of thousands of customers who enjoy our products and trust in our products and there are many more potential buyers out there, who with all the current concerns about bath salt drugs, may be unsure of where to go for their bath salts. With the biggest online presence and selection of quality bath salts on the web, customers are choosing San Francisco Bath Salt Company as a brand they can trust.”

Poison control centers around the country are reporting an increase in calls about “bath salts.” These “bath salts” are in no way the soothing bath salts sold by the San Francisco Bath Salt Company. They are synthetic stimulants that when inhaled or ingested can cause hallucinations, paranoia, psychotic episodes and convulsions. CNN reports people have needed emergency room care and even ended up in psychiatric wards after taking the stimulants.

Known for their excellent customer service, the San Francisco Bath Salt Company is available to answer questions and address any concerns customers may have about bath salts.

“Although we don’t agree with the overuse of the term ‘bath salt drugs’, it certainly has helped ours sales,” says Williamson. “It’s business as usual here at the San Francisco Bath Salt Company. We have essentially been running the same types of promotions and starting off with various projects as we do in the early months of each year, however, we have noticed a significant increase in our customer base since the news of ‘bath salt drugs’ started making headlines.”

First quarter sales figures from 2011 show a 41 percent increase over the same period in 2010. This compares to a 25 percent increase in 2010 and a 20 percent increase in 2009.

About San Francisco Bath Salt Company In 2002, The San Francisco Bath Salt Company was founded on the principals of quality, value and customer service. Their flagship store is on the famous Pier 39 in San Francisco and they manufacture all of their own products a hop skip and a jump away across the water in Union City. The company is passionate about their products and dedicated to educating customers on the many natural benefits of taking a soothing soak with bath salts. For more information visit

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