As The Demand For Information Surges, Cannabis Now Magazine’s Presence Growing

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — In the first months of legal recreational cannabis sales in Colorado, cannabis-related stocks have surged and excitement is propelling many small businesses within the industry, such as Cannabis Now Magazine, to grow at rates faster than any other industry in America today.

Arcview Market Research projects $2.7 billion in cannabis industry sales in 2014, a growth rate of 64 percent. Arcview juxtaposes this rate with the “impressive” 46 percent growth rate in smart-phone sales.

Cannabis Now Magazine is maintaining higher engagement rates than all other comparable sites, with Facebook PTAT averages ranging 80-110 percent as compared with an average of 1-20 percent for other publications.

“The topic of cannabis has reached a new level of awareness,” said Digital Director Anna Pitman. “Responsible smokers are no longer afraid to discuss a once taboo topic openly with their networks, as evidenced by the 5 million-plus people who’ve engaged with Cannabis Now’s Facebook posts this week alone. Six months ago, our Facebook page had 30,000 fans. We just hit 1.7 million likes organically. We’re maintaining a staggering 73 percent monthly growth rate.”

Cannabis Now’s success in the era of legalization is attributable to its focus on responsible, “grown up” content. Unlike traditional cannabis media, Cannabis Now’s magazine and website is geared to a broader audience; it features articles ranging from politics, social economic issues, medical cannabis, cultivation and educated commentary from the movements’ most prominent and respectable leaders.

“Basically, there are one million ‘stoners’ out there and 30 million cannabis users,” said Managing Editor Angela Bacca, “The million stoners are happy reading High Times and the 30 million cannabis users want something else. The 30 million include moms, dads, lawyers, doctors and teachers. They read Cannabis Now because we offer a different perspective than the stoner mentality.”

Cannabis Now Magazine has also worked to provide the best small business coverage of the nascent industry as well as researched analysis of bigger cannabis businesses, an underserved area of economic coverage in both the mainstream and traditional cannabis media.

In 2013, Cannabis Now Magazine became the first magazine of its kind available for download in the Apple iTunes store, and has seen tens of thousands of downloads and a growing rate of subscriptions.

About the company: By including only responsible content, Cannabis Now Magazine’s publishers hope to enlighten and educate the public on the legitimate and beneficial side of cannabis. The magazine focuses on the latest news, politics, horticultural advancements, social change, economic trends and medical information. Find Cannabis Now online at


Ellen Holland