AthenaOnline Wins at Cindy Awards Receives Gold and Two Silver Awards for Outstanding Original Online Training

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — AthenaOnline, a Reno, NV-based company that provides online executive education as well as full production services for film and multimedia clients, announced that they have won a gold and two silver regional CINDY awards for their unique and engaging online training videos "Beverly in Wonderland" and "Peanut Butter." The announcement was made today by Jon V. Peters, CEO/Founder, AthenaOnline.

For CINDY Gold Award winner "Beverly in Wonderland", the company created a vibrant fantasy environment based on a poem read by best-selling author Beverly Kaye. Peters, who is a member of the board of directors for the Bay Area Chapter of the Visual Effects Society drew on the company's skills in special effects for the creation of the Alice in Wonderland looking environment. "We really wanted a fantasy feel to this particular piece, to make it more fun and engaging, which is the way Dr. Kaye's poem felt."

"Peanut Butter", the winner of two silver Cindy Awards, is a three-minute stop motion story designed to inform business people how to take accountability for their own actions. Stop motion can take months to create as it requires puppets to be moved one frame at a time, but Athena is committed to creating content that is engaging and fun to watch.

"I have always loved stop-motion films since the days of Ray Harryhausen," Peters said. "While playful and fun, like CG animations, these films offer a certain grounding — a basis in reality that I enjoy. Dr. Kirschner had a great story and we decided it lent itself perfectly to the medium."

All of AthenaOnline's video lessons are shot using a green screen process, allowing for "virtual backgrounds" to be added. In the same way that movies like "The Avengers" can blow up the streets of Manhattan without ever actually being in New York, AthenaOnline can transport its educators and instructors to any conceivable setting, truly enhancing each presentation to create greater engagement and retention.

ABOUT ATHENAONLINE ( is an award-winning publisher of multimedia training, education and career development products. Athena was founded as a sister company to The Institute for Management Studios with a mission to leverage technology to create and deliver business knowledge when and where individuals need it. Athena has created over 2,000 coaching modules that are available through their portal system or as a content license. For more information, call 800-500-4294.


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