Atomic Labs® Announces Pion® 4.0

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — After twelve months in development Atomic Labs, Inc. today announced the new and highly anticipated version of their Pion software. Pion 4.0 adds a number of important and exciting new features designed to bring increased levels of accuracy, security and reliability to the data organizations collect about how people are using their web sites. Pion 4.0 is built on the same robust passive data collection technology of previous versions, which has become popular for its ability to collect highly accurate web analytics data while eliminating the large amounts of page tag code traditionally used by sites to collect this information.

New in Pion 4.0:

SecureStreamTM With increased quantities and new varieties of sensitive customer data passing through online channels, the challenge of protecting that data has grown in importance and complexity in recent years. To help address both public concern and government regulations around data privacy, Atomic Labs has added a new SecureStream feature to Pion. This feature allows web site managers to guard against data theft and privacy breeches by masking out any sensitive data fields from customers’ session information before sending the information outside of their firewall to their hosted web analytics provider. SecureStream also helps marketers honor do-not-track requests by removing data based on configuration directives.

RobotGuardTM As robots and spiders have become smarter about exploiting the weaknesses of tag-based data collection, the ability to filter them out of web analytics reports has become increasingly difficult. This has led to inflated and inaccurate numbers which distort analysis of campaigns and trends. Pion automatically filters out all known bots by user agent and helps site managers use hidden “honeypots” to filter out stealth bots. Pion 4.0 now also integrates with to automatically filter traffic based on the IP addresses of know offenders.

Automatic Failover To address the ongoing problem of lost data during service provider interruptions, Atomic Labs has added new automatic failover features to Pion 4.0. In the event of an outage at a customer’s web analytics provider, or at any point along the path between that provider and the customer’s web site, Pion continues to collect complete analytics data and delivers it to the customer’s analytics provider as soon as it becomes available again.

Real-Time Dashboards Robust new dashboard creation tools have been added to Pion’s Stream Analytics TM feature. Stream Analytics allows site managers to collect and process data to build ad-hoc reports for important metrics in real-time. The new dashboards make it easy to group reports in logical sets and create dashboards to share with team members or integrate into enterprise portals.

Enhancements to Pion Replay Pion Replay, which allows site managers to capture and replay a “users-eye view” of entire web sessions, received a number of enhancements. These include user interface improvements designed to make it easier than ever to find and replay the right sessions on-demand.

Atomic Labs will be demoing all the latest features of Pion 4.0 at the Adobe Omniture Summit in Salt Lake City on March 9th and 10th. Attendees will also have the opportunity to see Tom Palmieri – Atomic Labs’ Vice President of Services – present alongside Adobe’s Nick Russell in Wednesday’s Tech Track entitled “Go Server Side – Leveraging the Data Insertion API and Measurement Libraries”. Atomic Labs is also set to sponsor eMetrics San Francisco, March 13-18.

About Atomic Labs, Inc. Atomic Labs is the creator of Pion, the revolutionary data collection, processing and integration platform. Used by some of the largest web sites in the world, Pion takes the heavy lifting out of the toughest web analytics challenges and delivers better data for faster, deeper insights. For more details please visit us at

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Keith Shiley
Atomic Labs