Audio Bone: New Headphones Play Stereo iPod, MP3 Music Through Listener’s Bones

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — GameChanger Products announces the introduction of Audio Bone Headphones to North America. Audio Bone headphones are a revolutionary new way to enjoy stereo quality music on iPods and MP3 players while minimizing “attention distraction” and ear drum damage.

Audio Bone utilizes Bone Conduction technology to deliver music through the listener’s bones instead of the ears. This innovative technology converts sound waves into vibrations heard directly by the inner ear. Unlike normal headphones, Audio Bone headphones are worn outside the listener’s ears, so ambient sounds – like traffic and conversations – can still be heard. These features create a safer listening experience.

“Everyone likes to listen to music on their iPod, but there are some places where regular headphones or ear buds are just not very safe,” said Larry Popelka, CEO of GameChanger. “With Audio Bone’s Ear Free Listening™ you can enjoy your music wherever you want, but still hear other things going on around you.”

Audio Bone headphones are a great option for runners, cyclists, office and construction workers and others who want to listen to music but need to hear things around them. Lightweight, comfortable and weighing only 1.3 ounces, Audio Bone headphones rest comfortably in front of the ears, making them great Sport Headphones. They are also completely waterproof – so you can even swim with them.

Popelka, who himself is a runner and cyclist, said he never felt comfortable wearing normal headphones or ear buds while exercising. “Many of my friends run with one ear bud in so they can try to hear things. But the listening experience is poor and they find it disorienting.”

Audio Bone’s revolutionary technology is supported by a number of university and scientific studies on Bone Conduction that indicate this form of listening is safer because it does not put stress on the ear drum. In fact, since Audio Bone headphones transmit sound waves directly to the inner ear, people who suffer from ear drum damage may find Audio Bone helps them enjoy a wider range of music than they’ve experienced in years.

Audio Bone headphones work with all standard iPods and MP3 players. With 4 patents pending, Audio Bone is the successful result of years of R&D effort by GameChanger’s Japanese partner, Goldendance Co. Ltd., to deliver a full range of stereo sound via Bone Conduction.

Audio Bone headphones are available in a variety of stylish colors at . GameChanger is also looking for retail and internet partners to expand distribution.

About GameChanger Products: GameChanger Products, LLC of Alameda, CA is a new Consumer Products Innovation company founded in 2007 by Larry Popelka, former VP of New Ventures at the Clorox Company. GameChanger’s team also includes former executives from Procter & Gamble, Orange-Glo International and Leo Burnett.

For More Information Contact: Larry Popelka, President, GameChanger Products, 510-521-7985.


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