Author Harry Gael Michaels Officially Announces the Availability of Essay Scanning Recent U.S. History in eBook Format

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — The writing of ‘A Brief Scan of Recent U.S. History’, “was prompted as a response to all the bickering and oppositional feuding in our Congress and the mismanagement of the nation’s business,” says author Harry Gael Michaels, whose essay is now available in eBook format. “People are questioning why society is in decline and what accounts for the tarnishing of a glowing and promising Republic,” says the author.

Harry Gael Michaels’ timely essay is not an in-depth study of U.S. History, but rather a survey of recent events since WWII that have led up to the quagmire of political and economic disorder witnessed daily among U.S. Congressional Representatives. Michaels’ essay cites the results: the trust and confidence of the American people in their leaders has deteriorated, anxiety and depression has risen alarmingly in all sectors of the population and violence is more rampant today than it has been since WWII. The quality of public education is not keeping current with the need to prepare young people for the challenges and competitive demands of the future. The sustained viability of the United States is in question. Irresponsibility and deception have almost taken on the status of national virtue as children question just what this nation actually stands for, he explains.

Michaels’ essay also discusses how the unquestionable imbalance of the nation’s wealth has caused manifold hardships for much of the population while excessive monetary perks and benefits have embellished the ostentatious lifestyles of the exorbitantly wealthy. The disproportionate influence of business has muted the voice of the collective wisdom of the people—as illustrated by the ability of the NRA to effectively control Congress to the extent of favoring the money interests of gun manufacturers over the wishes of 90% of the American people. The NRA has repeatedly lobbied to use the 2nd Amendment as a justification for the purchase and use of weapons of war that easily wind up in the hands of the criminally disposed and the mentally unbalanced resulting in the horrific slaughter of even very young children, he says.

“Where is the conscience and good sense of America’s political representatives?” asks the author. “Since WWII the U.S. has engaged in one war after another and some have had questionable justification. The American people are demanding a return to rational and moral leadership and a competent and responsible government,” concludes the author.

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About the Author The author is a retired school psychologist with a baccalaureate background in Political Science from the University of San Francisco, and lives with his wife in Danville, California. His early career in juvenile probation and then psychological services in the school system has spanned 30 years.

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