Aviisha Medical Participates in the 15th Annual Health Fair and Brentwood Art Show on October 28, 2012 to Raise Awareness about the Harmful Effects of Sleep Apnea

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — Aviisha Medical Institute, an industry leader in home sleep apnea testing and treatment, will attend the WLACC Health Fair and Brentwood Art Show to help raise awareness for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Aviisha will offer free sleep apnea screening at the event and invites fair goers to find out if they qualify for a free home sleep apnea test. The free event, which features exhibitors, entertainment, food, free drawings, prizes, health screenings, children's activities, shopping and more, will be held this Sunday, October 28th, on San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood, California.

“Aviisha has always been committed to raising awareness about sleep disorders like sleep apnea,” said Dr. Avi Ishaaya, Aviisha’s co-founder. “Events like these are a great way to educate people about the dangers and signs of sleep apnea.” Sleep apnea is a disease that afflicts 1 in every 5 Americans in mild form or worse, but roughly 85% of sufferers remain undiagnosed. Some of the risk factors for sleep apnea include being overweight or obese, loud snoring, having a wide neck, being a male or a postmenopausal female, older age, or smoking. Untreated sufferers experience daytime sleepiness, memory and concentration difficulties, marital problems, and mood disturbances.

Worse yet, sleep apnea has been linked to a wide array of serious medical conditions. “We now know that failing to treat sleep apnea can increase a patient’s risk for diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart failure, cancer, high blood pressure, weight gain, and car accidents. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg,” noted Dr. Avi. Recently studies have linked sleep apnea to higher risk of cancer, silent strokes, depression, behavioral problems in children, childhood-onset diabetes, sexual dysfunction, memory problems, and even sudden death.

Aviisha is a pioneer in home sleep apnea care and the creator of the total sleep apnea solution. The company offers screening, home sleep testing, Auto PAP treatment, and long-term compliance management—everything a patient needs to address sleep apnea. With home sleep apnea testing, patients can get tested in the comfort and privacy of their home in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional sleep testing.

Aviisha's professional staff will be available to answer questions about sleep apnea and will provide free risk-for-sleep-apnea assessment at the fair health fair on Sunday.

About Dr. Avi Ishaaya Dr. Avi Ishaaya is a quadruple-boarded physician practicing in Los Angeles. He is board-certified in Sleep, Pulmonary, Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics Medicine. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA with honors at age 19 and graduated Medical School by age 23. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Avi is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine. He has been featured on FOX News, the Dennis Prager Show, MD-VOD, KTLA, and other television and radio programs. He is the author of the Aviisha Guide to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (digital book).

About Aviisha Aviisha, a national leader in home sleep care, works with physicians and patients around the country to provide comprehensive, convenient, affordable, and expedient services to address the emerging sleep apnea epidemic. Aviisha’s services include screening, home sleep testing, treatment, compliance management, and education. Additionally, Aviisha operates fully accredited sleep labs in Southern California and the MD Home Sleep Program which enables both sleep and non-sleep physicians to diagnose and treat sleep apnea.


Nirrit Ishaaya
Aviisha Medical Institute

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