Avoid Stresses of Last Minute Holiday Gift Shopping

El Cerrito, California (EastBayDaily) — 7P’s automated gift sending website allows users to send quality gifts on a recurring basis. Without 7pgifts.com, many find themselves in the exact same position every year – wishing to have shopped for a Thanksgiving gift weeks ago to save the anguish of last minute shopping and outrageous shipping fees.

Why burden ourselves with the frustration of going through this yearly routine when 7pgifts.com offers a simple solution? The automated gift giving website removes the need to worry about holiday gift-giving forever. With a staff of caring personal shoppers, 7pgifts.com uses reputable vendors to send timely gifts to customers’ family and loved ones. Since 7P pre-plans gifting events, customers avoid holiday price mark-ups, which essentially pays for the cost of using their services.

It’s no secret that retailers bump up gift costs and service fees as we near each holiday landmark. It’s also no stretch of the imagination to say that most consumers these days are uber procrastinators. In a society dominated by instant gratification and on-the-go living, we rarely find ourselves blessed with the gift of proper prior planning – this is what 7pgifts.com gives back to us.

Getting started is quick and simple – just register and create your event. Users can customize the event dates, gift types, and duration of future recurrence. With low cost service fees, 7pgifts.com makes recurring gifting incredibly affordable. Save yourself years of future trouble by singing up now to send Aunt Martha a holiday gift basket for 10 years to come.

About 7pgifts.com:

Headquartered in El Cerrito, CA, 7P Gift Services allows customers to create future gifting events on a recurring basis. Besides its traditional gifting and letter delivery offerings, 7pgifts.com also works with many hospices across the nation to provide free gifts and services to those with life-limiting illnesses. 7P also works with business clients across a number of sectors to provide client appreciation solutions that promote customer loyalty and client retention.


Allan Chang
7P Gift Services