Bay Area Architectural Design Firm Honored with Preservation Design Award

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — The Niles Cultural Banner Program, a celebration of the history of the community of Niles (now a district of Fremont), was recently honored with a Preservation Design Award by the California Preservation Foundation (CPF). The 32 banner poles celebrate the history of Niles, the former Transcontinental Railroad gateway to the Bay Area and home of one of the first motion picture studios. The banners were a collaboration between various local groups and businesses, including historic banner program concept, historic research, design, and solicitation by Bay Area architectural design firm Paul Welschmeyer Architects.

“The intent of the Niles Cultural Banner Program is to reveal the history of Niles and provide insight into its present day dilemma, so visitors, residents and politicians can work together to bring positive preservation, conservation and redevelopment to this historic oasis,” Paul Welschmeyer stated at the awards ceremony, held at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on October 1st.

The California Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the historical and architectural heritage of California. CPF gives the Preservation Design Awards in recognition of achievements in historic preservation. The Niles Cultural Banner Program was honored in the “Archaeological & Interpretive Exhibits” category.

The Niles Cultural Banners, which are displayed along Niles Boulevard, were removed for three years because of a banner prohibition from the City of Fremont. They were reinstalled in May, and have once again become a beloved part of the downtown Niles landscape. More banners are planned in the future, and once a banner is printed, it becomes the property of the community of Niles.

The banners were initially created and later reinstalled thanks to the efforts of Paul Welschmeyer Architects(historic banner program concept, historic research, graphic design, and sponsorship solicitation); Barry Jennings Painting (community liaison partner, sponsorship solicitation, and Niles Main Street Association banner installation); community members of Niles, California (financial donations, individual banner printing sponsorship and goodwill support); ARC (banner printing at non-profit reduced rates); Niles Main Street Association(long-term banner program administration); and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Fremont (advocacy during the City of Fremont’s rewriting of its banner ordinance).

“Similar to the discovery process experience by professional historians, the random display of the banners along the street will enhance the discovery of Niles by the public, formulating links that combine to form the cultural profile of Niles. In this manner, the general public experiences the discovery process of historic research,” explained Welschmeyer.

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