Bay Area Ballroom Dancing Studio, Allegro Ballroom, Offers Free Classes to First Timers

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — With all the articles being written about the health benefits of dancing, Bay Area ballroom dancing studio, Allegro Ballroom is taking this opportunity to encourage the public to give dancing a try. This March, any person visiting Allegro Ballroom for the first time can take any one of its beginning dance or Zumba classes for free, with no strings attached, just by mentioning this article. If they like it, they can take advantage of an introductory package that offers 50-percent off their next five classes. If not, they will have the satisfaction of knowing they gave it a try.

“People who come to Allegro Ballroom regularly to have a good time are feeling the other benefits associated with dancing, which includes an overall sense of well-being,” Director Naomi Ellis said.

According to American Council on Exercise, AARP, National Dance Association and other reliable sources, dancing is said to help retard the aging process. It improves posture and balance, increases stamina and flexibility, benefits the heart, and it even boosts intelligence! Dancing also elevates moods for a better sense of well-being. The activity is an excellent way to have fun while working to stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

In addition to a comprehensive curriculum for dancers of all levels, including Ballroom Dance, Salsa classes, Country 2-Step, Argentine Tango classes and West Coast Swing, Allegro also offers special programs for seniors, youths and the visually impaired, as well as the recently added Zumba Fitness Program, which offers added incentives to lose weight along with useful nutritional information.    

“You would be amazed if you knew the true ages of some of the more seasoned dancers at Allegro. Without a doubt, the dancing keeps them forever young!” Ellis said.

For more information about the March promotion or any of Allegro Ballroom’s programs, call 510-250-3721, view the studio on the web at or, or visit 5855 Christie Ave. in Emeryville.

About Allegro Ballroom Allegro Ballroom is the largest ballroom dancing studio in the Bay Area and the only non-profit, full-service dance studio that promotes ballroom dancing and other popular dance forms. It offers salsa classes, tango classes and more. It also features a wide range of services, including weekend ballroom parties, themed dance parties, dance workshops, couples workshops for beginners and wedding couples, special events and more.


Naomi Ellis