Bay Area Carpet Cleaning Service LV Carpet Care Switches to Green-Certified Cleaning Products

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — LV Carpet Care, a Bay Area upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning service, has recently made the switch to green-certified cleaning products made by the Spartan Chemical Company. These products are formulated for optimal cleaning power and minimal impact to the environment.

The Bay Area carpet stain removal company is now using Spartan’s Green Solutions Carpet Cleaner, which features a powerful, low-foaming surfactant system for fast, effective extraction cleaning that is friendly to most types of carpet. By formulating the anionic detergent at a near neutral pH level, Green Solutions is designed to be safe for stain-resistant and untreated carpet.

Green Solutions Carpet Cleaner dries to a crystal that is easily removed with a vacuum, and the dye- and fragrance-free formula aids in maintaining good indoor air quality.

LV Carpet Care now eliminates soda, organic and protein-based stains with Spartan’s CX3 Bio-Assist Extraction Carpet Cleaner. This cleaner does not utilize the typical solvents and phosphates for cleaning; rather, it relies on a superior detergent system coupled with the digestive power of Spartan’s Consume bacteria.

These non-pathogenic microorganisms eliminate odors and soils the way Mother Nature cleans: safely and effectively. CX3 Bio-Assist’s low-foaming detergents dry to a non-tacky powder, so it does not contribute to carpet re-soiling and is easily removed by vacuuming. It just leaves carpets clean and soft, with a subtle springtime fresh fragrance.

Contempo H2O2 spotting solution, a hydrogen peroxide-based product, helps LV Carpet Care remove many of the worst types of stains. The product can clean up dreaded food stains, like red wine, red sauce, mustard, grape juice, coffee, tea, food-grade red dye, and chocolate. It also removes oil and grease (including motor oil) and eliminates stains and odors caused by pet soils, vomit, and spoiled milk.

Like other Spartan products, these powerful detergents dry to a brittle powder, which is easily removed by vacuuming.

For more information about environmentally friendly carpet cleaning or LV Carpet Care’s services, call (408) 338-0953 or visit them on the web at (website).

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