Bay Area Creative Designs & Beyond Announces its New Product, the Solara Adjustable Patio Cover

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area patio cover company, Creative Designs & Beyond always provides their customers with the newest options available. The traditional aluminum patio cover looks great and does not require the maintenance associated with wood construction. Patio Covers can be built as lattice or solid, with or without insulation. Choose a smooth or wood grain finish from a selection of colors and various post or column styles. Beam and rafter end cuts come in a variety of options as well. Clients may add skylights, fans and lights to their liking. These covers are either open to the light and give some shade or are solid to keep out the weather and give the area complete shade.

Now there is a product that gives the customer the best of both worlds: The Solara Adjustable Patio Cover.

“This new patio cover gives you light, sun, shade and air flow when you need them,” says Mike Nagy of Creative Designs & Beyond. “Instead of the weather deciding when you can use your patio, with the Solara you have control, so you can use your patio when and how you want!”

The louvres can be adjusted open to allow the sun to come through, they can be rotated for indirect light with partial shade, or they can be closed completely for full shade. Now there are more options to enjoy a patio year round.

For more information on this patio cover or any of their patio products call Creative Designs & Beyond at 925-680-0113 or visit them online at Creative Designs is located in Concord.

About Creative Designs & Beyond

Creative Designs & Beyond, family owned and operated, is a full service Bay Area patio design and construction firm. They offer custom patio covers, sunrooms, screened porches, awnings and more for homes of all shapes and sizes. Their patio designs are sure to help customers envision all that their patio area can be and turn it into a reality to better enjoy the outdoors!


Sandi Nagy