Bay Area Furniture Repair Specialist, Wood Wizard, Announces On-Site Wood Restoration

Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area furniture repair specialist Wood Wizard knows first impressions matter and the first impression people often see while approaching a home is its front door. Is it in need of a face lift? If this is the case, consider that changing something as ubiquitous as a front door can breathe new life and excitement to the look of a home. The Wood Wizard, San Francisco Bay Area premier front door repair expert, now provides customers with one day on-site repair service. The Wood Wizard has the dedication, knowledge, patience and skills to transform even the most damage door into the pride and joy of a home.

The Wood Wizard can repair and enhance the look of a home’s front door by applying multiple coats of a durable exterior finish, clean and remove scuff marks, remove loose finish, and touch up and unify the stain color on the door.

The Wood Wizard, of the Bay Area, has extensive knowledge and skills in front door repair, kitchen cabinet resurfacing and furniture touch up as well as refinishing.

“Most people who learn furniture touch-up do not learn how to refinish. Both skills take extreme patience and attention to detail,” said Darrell Stimson. “That’s why people often learn one or the other, but not both.”

The Wood Wizard is an expert in using old world techniques to match the woods’ grains to each piece. This technique preserves authenticity in matching the original finish wherever possible.

Wood Wizard is now offering a free estimate for on-site repair of front doors, re-staining and resurfacing, and other wood services. Please call Darrell Stimson at (925) 231-0105 or visit Wood Wizard online at

About Wood Wizard Darrell Stimson, who is the Bay Area Wood Wizard, has more than 35 years of experience in restoring wood using old world techniques. The Wood Wizard is a master in on-site furniture repair, front door repair, and cabinet re-staining and resurfacing. He also specializes in the on-site restoration processes that will bring the original beauty back to your favorite antique pieces.


Darrell Stimson