Bay Area Graduate Studies School, Lincoln University Announces Reception to Welcome New Students From all Over the World

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — New students attending the Bay Area Graduate Studies school, Lincoln University this spring semester will have an opportunity to meet the faculty, administration and president of the school at the Welcome Reception being held Jan. 11.

Students at Lincoln will be able to get to know their fellow students, and enjoy special activities and events planned for the reception.

Students arrive from all over the world to attend the Bay Area MBA degree program at Lincoln University and participate in the programs offered which include Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Associate of Science in Diagnostic Imaging, Ultrasound Technician Certificate Program, and Intensive Academic English Preparation.

Lincoln University is well-known for the excellent education provided to their students, as well as ensuring that each student has a positive college experience.

“I invite you to discover for yourself the unique character of Lincoln University. Our excellent and rigorous curriculum, outstanding faculty and convenient facilities provide all the necessary components to ensure our students’ path to a successful future,” said Dr. Mikhail Brodsky, President and Rector of Lincoln University in Oakland.

For more information about the university, please call them at 510-250-3772 or visit their website at to view more details about the academy and courses offered. Lincoln University is located at 401 15th St. in Oakland.

About Lincoln University

Founded in 1919, Lincoln University offers an education of higher learning where educational excellence, professional know-how, and up-to-date international standards are combined with individual attention and a friendly atmosphere, giving rise to a world-class education. Each program within the university is designed to ensure that all of the acquired knowledge and skills will be valuable to its graduates, providing a practical and solid foundation for the student's future. We make sure that every part of our students' education serves a purpose and brings them closer to accomplishing their professional degrees goals.


Reenu Shrestna