Bay Area Home Security Systems Company, All-Guard Alarm Systems Inc. Announces They Offer Video Verification Security

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area Home Security Systems Company, All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc. has a solution that ensures approximately 90% of dispatched alarms are actual crimes in progress and almost 100% of dispatches are caused by human activity, cutting down on costly false alarms. The solution is Video Verification.

All-Guard offers a number of Video Verification solutions, under All-Connect, that can use customer’s existing video surveillance equipment to catch crimes in action – resulting in high priority police dispatch and response. Three of All-Guard’s Video Verification solutions are Immix by Sureview, Videofied, and CheckVideo. Some of the solutions can use the customer’s existing camera system while others require new cameras, or motion viewers. All-Guard Alarm Systems can install new cameras for the customers if needed.

Immix by Sureview, or All-Vision Interactive, is an advanced video solution that allows for the monitoring of NVRs, DVRs, analog and IP cameras from All-Guard’s monitoring center. It’s the next level of video, with live video monitoring, and allows All-Guard to be an extra set of eyes 24 hours a day. Whether All-Guard’s monitoring center operators are viewing video from a motion activated camera or virtually touring the property at a specified time each night, they are keeping a record of everything they do. All-Vision Interactive works with products from a variety of manufacturers and can be tied into new or existing video systems.

Videofied, or All-Vision Verified, is an economical, self-contained, central station monitored, video alarm that communicates via GSM – wireless radio and internet transmissions. The completely wireless video alarm system sends ten second video clips of actual incidents to the monitoring center, allowing for verification and faster police response. Videofied is security with privacy. The monitoring center operators only views the motion activated cameras when they are triggered. When the alarm goes off and they see an intruder, they will dispatch the police. If video is received and there is nothing to be seen, they can determine it is a false alarm, avoid dispatching the police and save money in unnecessary false alarm fines.

CheckVideo, also under the All-Vision services, enhances security and reduces false alarms with proven video analytics technology. It cost-effectively supports remote monitoring services by All-Guard’s central station, by transforming analog CCTV systems into intelligent sensors that can detect the presence of people or vehicles in areas where they do not belong. Check Video supports remote monitoring services using existing analog cameras by automatically sending real-time video alarm clips of suspicious activity to All-Guard’s central station. All-Guard receives and reviews the video clip alarms, verifies the alarms, and dispatches authorities when needed.

With any of these solutions, and All-Guard looking out for trouble, one cannot go wrong protecting a home or business and, more importantly, the people in those facilities.

“At All-Guard, we recognize that our strength and our competitive advantage is – and always will be – people. People working together to deliver excellence in sales and systems design, technical and administrative support, and monitoring center services,” says Denis Cooke, President of All-Guard.

For more information, please call (800) 255-4273 or visit them on the web at

About All-Guard

In 1952, the Cooke family established All-Guard Alarm Systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Three generations later, All-Guard remains family owned and operated, providing the best in home alarm systems, wireless security systems and fire alarms. They understand the special concerns of Northern California’s public because they live and work in the communities they serve. All-Guard offers a full range of security products and services and specializes in working with customers to build customized solutions. All-Guard owns and operates their own UL Listed monitoring center in a secure campus facility in Hayward, California, providing customers with the vital link between their security system and the appropriate emergency response agency through burglar alarms and home security systems.


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