Bay Area Industrial Art Classes Benefit from Young Interns at The Crucible

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Sponsored by Custom Alloy Scrap Sales, Inc. (CASS), The Crucible’s summer youth intern program, called Fuego, is the latest addition to The Crucible’s youth program. Fuego interns are apprentices to a youth camp instructor of The Crucible’s Bay Area art classes for two weeks during the summer. Some of the courses they support include welding, foundry, glass blowing, jewelry making and blacksmithing.

Thanks to CASS’s continued sponsorship, Fuego was expanded this year to include fifteen interns. Of these, five were returning interns from 2010. The program was also expanded to include MIG and TIG welding classes.

This year, The Crucible hosted nearly 800 students and over 90 classes over four weeks of youth summer camps. In addition to their apprenticeships, interns worked on their own projects, allowing them to also hone their own technical skills.

“The Crucible has impacted my life by giving me an artistic outlet and a place to grow as a human being,” said a second-year youth intern named Crystal. “The Crucible has opened up a whole new world to me by giving me confidence and supporting my path in the industrial arts.”

Each intern’s day starts with an early, pre-class arrival so they can help the instructor set up the studio. During class, they assist the instructor and younger students. They also model and reinforce positive communications and behavior and enforce studio rules, class agreements, and healthy and safe conduct. After class they meet with the youth camp coordinator to reflect on the day, discuss problems and receive feedback, guidance and training as needed.

CASS’ sponsorship of The Crucibles’ youth intern program is one of their efforts to help educate children about the raw materials required to make products and the production process. Exposing children to the process increases their understanding of the environment and the importance of protecting it.

“We at CASS Inc. embrace recycling for the future of all of our children by purchasing society’s end of life obsolete products and turning them into useful raw materials required to create new products,” said Edward B. Kangeter IV, Chief Executive Officer of CASS. “Metal recycling reduces the need for virgin material, the consumption of energy and the emission of greenhouses gases that contribute to global climate change.”

For more information about The Crucible’s youth internship program, Bay Area kids activities or art classes and workshops, call (510) 250-3687 or find them on the web at About The Crucible The Crucible is an educational facility that offers Bay Area art classes in the fine and industrial arts to people at all skill levels and original Bay Area team building events. What started in 1999 in a 6,000 square-foot warehouse in Berkeley has now grown to a 56,000 square-foot building in the heart of West Oakland.

The Crucible offers instruction in industrial and fine art for every level from beginning and intermediate to advanced levels in formats ranging from three-hour tasters to ten-week programs. Prices vary by course and duration. Class fees include tuition, studio fees, materials, tool access and safety training. There are no shopping lists for supplies or hidden costs.


Jennifer Harrity
The Crucible