Bay Area Local Satellite Provider, Golden Gate Satellite TV Offers Dish Network’s New Promotion

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area local satellite provider, Golden Gate Satellite TV offers its customers the opportunity to take advantage of the special Dish Network promotion of 12 months of the Blockbuster movie pass for free when signing up with the America’s Top 200 package, or a more inclusive package. This represents a new partnership between Dish Network and Blockbuster to offer the most extensive library of movies, games and TV shows available for local satellite providers.

Getting a Dish Network Subscription at Golden Gate Satellite TV will amount to 100,000 titles available and the ability to stream thousands of movies to customers’ TV or PC. The special subscription will have unlimited in-store exchanges plus more than 20 great entertainment channels.

Dish Network guarantees HD channels for life whether it is for personal use or business purposes. They have created programming options that will fit the needs of a business or home location. They offer more than 250 channel choices with the most national HD channels available. International offerings will allow subscribers to stay connected with locations all around the world.

Place an order today by calling (510) 957-8393 or visit their website to view latest promos and how to subscribe. Their office is located at 406 Pendleton Way Oakland, CA.

About Golden Satellite TV

Golden Satellite TV is the premier provider of programming packages in the Bay Area. They offer a reliable source of more than 100,000 types of entertainment ranging from HD movies, TV series and updated virtual games. They have Dish Network special offers and Direct TV special offers and provide simple solutions to choose the best Dish Network package or Direct TV package for each individual customer.


Arti Singh