Bay Area Massage Therapy School, Acupressure Institute Offers Free Classes and Continues Tuition Decreases through 9/30/2012

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area Massage Therapy School, The Acupressure Institute in Berkeley is offering free classes and Continuing Decreased Tuition through 9/30/2012. The decreased tuition rates are available now through September 30, 2012. In September 2011, instead of implementing a planned tuition increase, the Acupressure Institute took the bold move of decreasing tuition. That course will continue through September 2012, with the delayed tuition increase likely to be effective October 1st, 2012. Depending on the program, the tuition decreases in place through 9/30/12 provide savings of up to 11.5% off of the regular fees (can be up to $800 in savings per program).

Three introductory classes will also be offered for free this May, June and August: May 16th 7-10 pm, June 27th 7-10pm and August 15th 2012 7-10 pm. These classes will demonstrate and teach Acupressure for Self Care, for Share Care and for Professional Care. Self Care Acupressure focuses on the use of Acupressure to relieve ones own aches, pains, and other discomforts along with promoting greater health and vitality. Acupressure used as Shared Care focuses on the sharing of skills and healing energies with family, friends, elders, pets, and others in need, such as volunteering to share acupressure with people living with chronic or life threatening diseases. With advanced study and dedication, Acupressure can also be shared as Professional Care, where one’s skills are used to earn income attending to and teaching others. Bay Area Acupressure training at the Acupressure Institute they teach and support students in learning and sharing hands on healing skills in ways that work well for themselves and the people they care for.

Each of the three free classes is limited to 20 students and will be taught by Joseph Carter, Licensed Acupuncturist and Director of the Acupressure Institute. Joseph has practiced Acupressure since 1978, and taught Acupressure since 1984.

“We all hope and work for health and happiness! At the Acupressure Institute our classes help people awaken the healing in their hands, this helps you keep yourself healthier, sharing hands on healing makes you happier, and given good training you can craft work that you love and that helps pay the bills!” says Tiffany Millerbis of Acupressure Institute.

For more information on Bay Area massage therapy certification and other services at the Acupressure Institute, call (510) 845-1059 or visit them online at Acupressure Institute is located at 1533 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709.

About the Acupressure Institute Since 1976, the Acupressure Institute has offered comprehensive Acupressure trainings in traditional Asian Bodywork Therapies such as Chinese Meridian Massage (Tui Na) and Shiatsu massage. They also teach a subtle touch form of energy work called Ren Shen or “Compassion Spirit”. The Acupressure Institute has already trained thousands of students from all over the world. Their trainings provide high-quality education supporting a student's educational goals, in a setting that encourages communication, respect, confidentiality and safety for all. Students are encouraged to visit the school in Berkeley and meet with a counselor to tailor a training program to their individual needs and interests.


Tiffany Millerbiss