Bay Area Nine-Year-Old Best-Selling Author, Abbey Richter, Launches 4th Book, Published By, Which Hit #1 on

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Imagine buying a new house and discovering a furry little visitor, who already made themselves comfortable in your new home. Plus, this furry visitor wasn't alone. This is exactly what the 9-year-old best selling author, Abbey Richter, writes about in her 4th book, "Frieda, the Fabulous."

Abbey captured the hearts of many readers time and time before when she released her other books "Lucky Leo, My Best Friend," "Stella, The Hospital Cat" and "Everybody Loves Charlie Brown," all became #1 best sellers on This young author is on a roll!

With her 4th book, "Frieda the Fabulous," Abbey hits the best-seller rank once again!

Abbey finally has her chance to share the story with everyone, thanks to, who published the book and is making the book available on Kindle.

Abbey and her family want everyone to get her book on Kindle and they hope this story will inspire children to take the best care of their pets.

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